Who Is Franklin Hatchett?

Franklin Hatchett is an internet marketing expert who has become quite popular in the last few years.

He’s a great teacher, a super friendly guy, and a popular thought leader in modern marketing.

What is Franklin Hatchett known for?

Franklin teaches primarily about digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and ecommerce (like dropshipping with shopify).

He also talks about lots of other marketing concepts (like list building, paid traffic, free traffic, seo, etc) and other methods of making money online.

He is also the owner of the popular make money online blog Online Dimes and creator of two marketing courses: ecomm elites and savage affiliates (more info below).

Where Can You Learn More From Franklin?

Franklins Youtube is probably the best place to learn more from him.

His youtube is one of the best out there in teaching about affiliate marketing and dropshipping.

He’s also pretty active on instagram, maintains several free facebook mentoring groups (links below) and of course, he writes on his blog.



Frank’s website, online dimes, is also a great place to learn from him.

He’s been writing amazing articles about digital marketing for years, and it contains many case studies, easy to follow guides, and more.


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What products, programs or training does Franklin offer?

Ecomm Elites (Dropshipping, E-Commerce)

Get Ecomm Elites Here

Savage Affiliates (Affiliate Marketing)

Get Savage Affiliate Here

How To Promote Franklin’s Affiliate Programs

To see a list of franklin’s affiliate programs that YOU can promote and earn from, check out this current list here.

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