VideoMakerFX Affiliate Program – How To Promote

Want to promote VideoMaker FX as an affiliate?

Here are some resources that will help you out:

How To Sign Up As A VideoMaker FX Affiliate

  1. Sign up to JV Zoo as an affiliate - VideoMaker FX is hosted on the JVZoo affiliate platform.

    You will need to create an account to promote this product
  2. Go to the VideoMaker FX Affiliate Signup Page - this is where you will find links to submit approval to the affiliate program
  3. If you haven't yet made 25 sales on JVZoo, you will have to submit an additional form with more information about yourself here. This is to make sure that they can verify that you will be a high quality affiliate.
  4. Check out the sales page - find out how this product is marketed, and how you can appeal to the people you're promoting this product to.
  5. Check out the active sales contest to get motivated about how much money you can make promoting VideoMaker FX. They run affiliate contests frequently.
  6. Promote the product, and make commissions! (If you want extra tips on how to get free traffic or paid traffic to promote this product, check out the bonus training below.)

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VideoMaker FX Reviews

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