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Email Marketing

I use Email Marketing every day, it's the #1 most powerful asset you have as you're building your business. 

Here are my favorite tools for getting the most out of email marketing...

#1 Recommended Email Service - Convertkit

Why do I love Convert Kit right now?

For the purposes of direct response marketing, and especially AFFILIATE marketing I don't think there's anything better. 

1) It's SUPER simple to use
2) It's affiliate "friendly"

So many of the tools out there are overwhelming, and convertkit keeps it incredibly simple. Plain text, just the features that we need as affiliate marketers. Plus, other services like mailchimp don't allow any affiliate marketing at ALL so you can't use them. Try convertkit for free with my (affiliate) link below:

Try Convert Kit For FREE

Other Services


Even though I'm now recommending convertkit, I still think getresponse is pretty great. And still affiliate friendly. 

Try Getresponse For Free

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Keyword Research

Long Tail Pro

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