Spencer Mecham – How To Make $100 a Day With Affiliate Marketing (Video Summary)

In this video, affiliate marketing expert Spencer Mecham explains to us how he would start over from scratch and build up to $100/day with affiliate marketing.

Spencer explains in this video that in his opinion, it’s easier to promote and sell 1 product that pays $100 commission per day than it would be to sell more of a less expensive item.

He recommends his favorite products that pay at least $100 commission to start out promoting.

He also demonstrates how to do keyword research to judge how competitive a keyword will be, and how likely someone searching for it will be to be ready to buy the affiliate product.

Finally, he shows his favorite strategies for driving free, passive and cumulative traffic to the affiliate offers.

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Spencer Mecham (Buildapreneur.com)  is an awesome affiliate marketer and teacher, who is famous for being the first clickfunnels affiliate to make over $1,000,000 in commissions. 

He teaches people how to build a passive income online with affiliate marketing, email marketing, traffic and automation to live the lifestyle of freedom they desire. 

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“The Boring Process I Used To Generate 7 Figures Of Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing”

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