Print Profits + Exclusive Bonuses (E-Comm Course From Fred Lam)


E-comm master Fred Lam is releasing the newest version of his print profits course, which teaches you exactly how to start a print on demand shopify store from scratch, and grow it to profit and scale it up.

Print on demand is a different model than the dropshipping methods that have gotten really popular with shopify lately.

Print on demand is basically a dropshipping model where you can create products by just uploading images or text designs to an online editor, and then go out and sell the item, and when someone purchases it, then you can have the item created and fulfilled by a dropshipping company.

Lots of people have made a great living doing this model in the past few years, and Fred Lam and his partner Michael Shih are experts at ecommerce, dropshipping and print on demand so they’re perfect to learn from.

They’re doing a free live webinar starting TODAY (July 9th) to teach their best secrets: 


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“How To Build a 100% Automated 7-Figure eCommerce Business Using Just PRINT ON DEMAND”

PLUS: If You Sign Up For The Full Print Profits Course From The Link Above, You’re Eligible To Claim Over $500 Worth of Bonuses That Will Help You Send Tons of Untapped Traffic To Your E-Comm Business From These Secret Traffic Sources

How Do The Bonuses Work?

Step 1: Buy The Print Profits Course Through This Link
Step 2: Claim Your Bonuses

Bonus 1: The Bing Ads Bootcamp – (Valued at $37)

bing ads bootcamp bonus


An entire training course devoted to teaching you everything you need to know about tapping into the secret goldmine of qualified traffic otherwise known as bing ads. If you have the right product you can laser in on millions of paying customers that are looking for your items specifically, and get dirt-cheap clicks on demand.


Bonus 2: Youtube Secrets (Valued at $27)

youtube secrets bonus

Step by Step Training On How to start a youtube channel from scratch and get your first 1,000 subscribers and more by simply following a few guidelines and using some of the shortcuts included in this training.

Within a few weeks you can have a steady flow of organic traffic – high quality leads and customers pouring into your store from just a few minutes of work on each video if you skip all the myths and wastes of time for building real youtube traffic.

Bonus 3: Email Marketing Secrets (Valued At $47)

Email marketing can be one of the fastest ways to drastically boost profit on your e-comm store, and most store owners (even very successful ones) don’t bother to open up this channel of insane pure profit.

Or if they do, they barely tap the surface of the hidden treasure that lies buried within their email list. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do email marketing.

If you’re following the “main stream” advice you’re likely losing out on MOST of the profitable you’re capable of. In this training we talk to a 6-figure email marketing consultant about the REAL secret strategies that generate the most dollars from your list and automate it to passively boost your profits.

Bonus 4: Paid Traffic Mastery (Valued At $97)


Learn how to get high quality traffic from the biggest sources available: Google Adwords, Facebook, Youtube, and several others.

Step by Step video training shows you exactly how to set up your accounts, get your first ads running and how to target for profit from day 1.

This can give you a unique advantage in the e-commerce realm. More Traffic = More $$$

Bonus 5: 1 Hour Private Paid Traffic Coaching Call (Valued At $297)


If you sign up for the entire Print Profits Training Course through my affiliate links on this page, you’re eligible to sit down for a private consultation with me. Who am I?

I’ve been behind the marketing teams of some of the biggest companies in internet marketing over the years, and have personally spent over $1 Million on advertising for my clients.

I Specialize in paid traffic, yet we can discuss any topic that is most relevant to your business – mindset, goals & strategy, or specific tactics for e-mail marketing, landing page optimization, or my bread & butter – good ol’ paid traffic. We can build a full plan for bing ads, google adwords, facebook ads, native ads, or whichever other platform your heart desires.

My goal is to bring you as much value and success as possible in our time together.


How Do The Bonuses Work?

Step 1: Buy The Print Profits Course Through This Link
Step 2: Claim Your Bonuses



Alright, happy e-comming!


The Nomad Brad


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