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How To Travel The World As A Virtual Assistant – Esther Inman Interview

The Nomad Brad Podcast
How To Travel The World As A Virtual Assistant - Esther Inman Interview

In this interview, I talk with Esther Inman (virtualassistantinternship.com) who is a leading expert of teaching people how to work online and travel the world as a virtual assistant.

Esther quit her corporate job 6 years ago after realizing she could earn more money and work less hours as a virtual assistant.

Since then, she has helped thousands of women find happiness, fulfillment, and a great living working in this emerging lucrative career.

In addition to being a delightful human being,

She also travels full time, runs an online agency helping her students find high quality jobs applying their skills, as well as teaching people how to get started as a VA in her free online workshop

In our talk, we discuss:

  • The Biggest Misconceptions about the Virtual Assistant world
  • How Esther got started
  • Who the Virtual Assistant life is a great fit for
  • A mindset strategy that helps to eliminate self doubt
  • What it’s like to travel full time and raise a child while living abroad

And lots more!

Please enjoy this episode of The Nomad Brad Podcast.

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