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One Funnel Away Challenge (+ Crazy Bonuses)

Russel Brunson’s new “One Funnel Away” 30 Day Challenge is here!

So what is this this challenge all about?

(And heads up – It’s closing soon – sign up here before the deadline is over!)

Registration is CLOSING on January 14th, so if you’re thinking of signing up, better get on that 🙂

Well, in a nutshell…it’s a 30 day coaching program from Russel Brunson (founder of clickfunnels and probably the most famous internet marketer ever)

PLUS dozens of “2 comma club” winners (which means they have used clickfunnels to generate over a million dollars in sales)

The Training is on How To Launch Your First Successful Funnel within the next 30 days

They’re going to offer training on exactly what they have done to make their businesses so successful, but specifically, they’re going to break it down into individual lessons that even a total beginner can understand.

You can check out the list of guest speakers here

What Do You Actually Get As Part of The Training?

The Real “Meat” of the challenge is the “One Funnel Away Challenge Kit”

They are actually going to SHIP the kit to your address, and it’s loaded up with lots of goodies…

This juicy kit will physically be mailed to you after you join the challenge

The challenge kit includes:

  • The “30 Days” hardcover book
  • A Physical copy of the one funnel away challenge workbook
  • An MP3 Player with a live recording of the LAST one funnel away challenge
  • Over 50 hours of bonus audio training!

The best thing about the one funnel away challenge is all the cool perks and bonuses that come along with 30 days of in-depth training, coaching, and even accountability.

Then there are the many (and thousands of dollars worth) of bonuses…

How Much Does The 30 Day Challenge Cost To Join?

Luckily, it’s not anywhere near the value of all the bonuses as you see above…

You can get started with the entire 30 day challenge, get the entire kit shipped to your house, AND get all the bonuses…for just $100 !

I think that’s a crazy amazing deal…

What Do You Get If You Sign Up Through My Affiliate Links on this page? (Exclusive Paid Traffic Training Course Bonus)

Well, you may not know about me, but I’m The Nomad Brad and I have an entire training program about the #1 best paid traffic source for beginners to start getting high quality, affordable clicks to their business or website.

I built this training course about how to use Bing Ads, because I think it’s the best place to start with paid traffic.


Because Bing is amazing for beginners – you get to get started with clicks that are more affordable than google or facebook, there’s less competition, and it’s very affiliate-marketing friendly.

And if you end up signing up to the one funnel away challenge through one of my links on this page (for which I will be compensated as an affiliate)

I would love to give you special access to my Bing Ads Bootcamp 2.0 training course (which I legitimately sell every day for $197) – totally free.

This is a massive discount, and a great opportunity to add paid traffic to all of the other amazing skills you’ll be learning from the 30 day online seminars.

How To Claim Your “Nomad Brad” Exclusive Traffic Bonus:

If you sign up for the one funnel away challenge through my link, just send me a receipt at [email protected] and I will hook you up with complimentary access to the entire bing training program.

Hope you get a lot from the challenge, please feel free to reach out with you experience and your results.


“The Nomad” Brad

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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