Marketing Made Simple PDF (Summary)

marketing made simple pdf

If you're a big fan of the book "Marketing Made Simple" by Donald Miller (Story Brand) & Dr. J.J. Peterson, you'll probably want to know where you can get the PDF that they refer to many times through ought the book. 

If you're anything like me, the Marketing Made Simple PDF was an exciting companion to the book to help work through the exercises and frameworks presented in the book. 

Luckily, they made it pretty easy to locate.

Download the PDF Here <<<

What's In The PDF? 

Within the PDF you'll find helpful tools for helping you to build out the key components of a successful marketing campaign from the book. 

Things like the website wireframe, the "one liner" and the lead generator. 

There are spaces for you to brainstorm and complete your own versions on the worksheet before you go out and implement them in the real world. 

  • Website Wireframe
  • One Liner
  • Lead Generator
  • Marketing Checklists
  • Nurture Campaign
  • Sales Campaign
  • BrandScript Script / Explanatory Paragraph
  • Meeting Agendas
  • Sample Wireframe
marketing made simple wireframe pdf

A sample of the useful tools you'll find inside the PDF.

Sample Wireframe

One of the coolest features included in the PDF is a "sample wireframe"

Throughout the book the author mentions the process of creating your ideal wireframe of your website that perfectly highlights all of the reasons a potential customer would want to interact with your business. 

I really loved that idea, and since I mostly read the book via Audio, it was sometimes hard for me to picture what the wireframe actually looked like. 

That's why I'm glad the free pdf included a sample of a website wireframe. 

marketing made easy pdf website wireframe example

Marketing Made Simple Summary

If you haven't read the book yet or need a quick refresher, check out this nice summary from Rick Kettner on Youtube

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