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Make Money On Clickbank With Bing Ads (2018) – Step 6 – Get Your First Profitable Campaign Running On Bing

6. Get Your First Profitable Campaign Running On Bing

The next step is to get your first profitable campaign up and running on bing.

It won’t be easy, but it can be simple.

Here’s a video with my best strategy for starting with Bing Ads Profitable On Day 1:

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Bing has a lot of complexity and there are lots of mistakes to make, so to get a full understanding of how to get your first campaign set up, I recommend you check out our Bing ads Bootcamp Program.


It covers everything you need to know about getting running on Bing with your absolute best chance for profit.



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With all of these steps, you can get your first commissions on clickbank using Bing ads for your traffic source.


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