Make Money On Clickbank With Bing Ads (2018) – Step 5 – Set Up Your Tracking

5. Set Up Your Tracking

This step is absolutely crucial.

You need to set up tracking so that when your clicks and sales come in, you know exactly where they came from. Which keywords, ads, and landing pages produced the results.

If you don’t have this, you will try, get frustrated and fail at promoting affiliate products because you will be just a couple steps away from creating a winning campaign.

And the thing is…tracking only takes a few minutes to set up if you know what you’re doing.

The absolute easiest way to track all of your clickbank sales with Bing Ads is to use Clickmagick.

Clickmagick is amazing. They will show you exactly which keyword, ad, device, and I.P. address generated each sale in clickbank.

It links right up to your clickbank account to track everything AUTOMATICALLY.

You won’t be successful without tracking, and Clickmagick is the best.

This is a demonstration on why affiliate tracking is necessary if you want to succeed with clickbank and bing ads

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