Make Money On Clickbank With Bing Ads (2018) – Step 4 – Create Your Landing Page

4. Create your Landing Page

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Now, while many newbies want to do direct linking to clickbank products, I recommend that you start right off learning how to make landing pages.


Well, there a few reasons to NOT do direct linking with clickbank products…

  1. Some affiliates won’t allow you to run ads to their domain. They require that you promote only domains that you OWN & control. If you violate the terms with these affiliates, even if you make sales for them, they can and will revoke your commissions
  2. Sometimes your ads will get disapproved because only 1 account is allowed to send to a single domain.
  3. Even if you DO get some sales, it can be much harder to track your results if you don’t control as many pieces of the process as possible (we’ll cover that more in a minute)
  4. You can split test your way to being profitable, even on campaigns that don’t start out with profit! You can’t do that if you don’t have a landing page
  5. Finally, if you choose to use a list building strategy, you need a landing page to have an opt in be able to collect emails!

So there are 2 choices for your landing page:

  1. Opt in page to collect emails and follow up with email marketing
  2. A “Bridge” page where you simply “pre-sell” the product you’re trying to promote, and you send them on to the product sales page
    1. these can be as elaborate or simple as you want. It can literally just be a headline and a button, or it can be a full-fledged article, or video.

The easiest way to create amazing, fast landing pages?

  1. Register a domain for all of your affiliate promotions (don’t worry about being relevant to a specific niche) – just create one general site that you can use for any product. Something like or something like that
  2. Sign up for a Clickfunnels Free 14-Day Trial
    1. Clickfunnels is by far the easiest way to get a landing page up and running in just a few minutes, that looks amazing and has blazing fast hosting. It’s super easy to set up, and is used by the best marketers in the world.

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