Make Money On Clickbank With Bing Ads (2018) – Step 3 – Research Your Competition

3. Research Your Competition

spying on your competitors is normal in affiliate marketing

After you’ve verified that the offer is good, and there is plenty of traffic, it’s time to do some spying.

It’s totally normal in internet and affiliate marketing to take a look at what other successful people are doing. As long as you’re not blatantly ripping off other people’s work, then it’s totally fine to draw inspiration from what’s already working.

bing ads clickbank case study

In fact, it’s one of the fastest ways to get to a profitable campaign.

Russel Brunson calls it “hacking” someone’s sales process.

So, where do you go to do this?

Well, there is 1 best place to go to find out who is successfully running Bing Ads to Clickbank products…

Bing Ads!

I know, shocking, right?

How do you do it?

Step 1: Go to bing ads

Step 2: Type in keywords that you found in your keyword research that are most related to the product you want to promote

Step 3: See who (if anyone) is running ads for the clickbank products you’re thinking of promoting

What should you look for?

  • What ad copy are they using?
  • What headline are they using?
  • Are there lots of ads promoting this product?
  • Are there no ads promoting this product?

Contrary to what most people think…if there are lots of people running ads to the product…that’s actually a GOOD thing.

That means that people are spending money…and that means they’re making a profit!

And there’s still plenty of room for you to come in and make some sales too.

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