Kevin David Clickbank Tutorial – How To Earn Affiliate Commissions

In this video Kevin breaks down his formula for finding successful affiliate products to promote using Clickbank and a super swanky tool called CBEngine that helps do in-depth research and find the best products to promote.

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What Is Clickbank?

Clickbank is an affiliate marketing platform that allows pretty much anyone to sell their products and immediately tap into a large pool of hungry affiliates to promote for them. 

Because of this, it has become essentially the #1 Affiliate Product marketplace to find products to promote if you want to do affiliate marketing. 

They have products in nearly every kind of category, but specialize in information-based products like e-books, membership sites, some software, a few physical products, and, training products. 

They cover everything from cookbooks to dog training, but a big majority of the products that you can promote or find on clickbank tend to be from either the fitness category, the make money or e-business category, or the relationships category. 

Kevin's Clickbank Podcast Episode

Listen to this episode of Kevin's podcast where he discusses the $500k/month strategy for clickbank. 

Click here or listen below

How To Get Started Promoting Clickbank Products

(Full Beginners Tutorial)

If you want to get started by learning free traffic methods to promote clickbank products as a beginner, check out the video tutorial I made below:

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