John Crestani – Why You Will Never Get Rich (Video Summary)

Affiliate Marketing expert John Crestani shares with us his 3 major things we need to understand about how society is holding you back from getting rich.

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Here are the 3 big things that John tells us we need to focus on to start getting rich:

  1. Work For Results – Stop Trying To Trade Time For Money (Work toward trading results for money instead)
  2. Stop Renting – If you’re renting your house, you’re literally throwing money down the drain every single month (It’s better to own always)
  3. Walk The Narrow Road – Be Constantly Learning – You will need to be constantly growing and learning, instead of taking the “easy” path to riches.
  4. (Bonus) – Keep Your Body and Mind Healthy – keeping your mind and body healthy will help you to have the confidence to deal with uncertainty and growing on the path to success.

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