John Crestani – Quitting Your Job | Step By Step Explanation (Video Summary)

Affiliate Marketing expert John Crestani breaks down step by step how to go about quitting your Job, following the same steps that he did to quit his job back in 2012.

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Here are my main takeaways from John’s Presentation:

  1. Working Really Hard – John recommends to “give your boss no excuse” and suggests that being great at your job gives you more leverage when you leave.
  2. Do Research – form relationships with customers, clients, and build a network of relationships because they’ll help you out later. Ask successful people what they’re doing to earn a lot of money.
  3. Save – John suggests “cutting back” and saving every bit of money that you can. He suggests having at least 3 months of living expenses saved up before you quite.
  4. Side Hustles – start working on projects on the side to increase your income, savings, and wait until your side hustle replaces your income from your job.
  5. Quit

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