John Crestani – Make $100 Per Day From Facebook With This 1 Trick (Video Summary)

Affiliate Marketing expert John Crestani teaches you STEP BY STEP how to make $100 a day using FACEBOOK.

This is a very beginner friendly tutorial, teaching the basics of making money with Clickbank.

Watch the full training in the video below:

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Jon Walks you through the basics of setting up your own Clickbank account from scratch. Then, the following steps:

  1. Create a Clickbank account
  2. Find a niche or product to promote
  3. Grab Your Unique Affiliate Tracking Link
  4. Shorten the link
  5. Find facebook fan pages & groups related to your niche & product
  6. Post your link on the facebook fan pages and groups

Jon mentions that while this is a great way to get started and earn your first commissions from clickbank, it’s not a scalable strategy.

To scale up the strategy, you’ll need advanced training, like the training that Jon provides for free in the webinar below:

FREE Training: Learn John’s Strategy To Make a 6 Figure Income Online

john crestani webinar replay
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