John Crestani – List Of 7 Internet Business Opportunities (Video Summary)

Affiliate Marketing expert John Crestani gives a list of some of his most recommended opportunities to start a business online, even as a total beginner.

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Here are John’s top Recommended ways to get started making money online:

  1. Basic Tasks – Amazon Mechanical Turk
    • Though you can’t make much money doing these tasks, it is a completely simple and easy way to make SOME money online, without any skills.
  2. Freelancing – Upwork
    1. The biggest site for people to find clients to hire them for providing a service.
    2. Great for web developers, web designers, writers, researchers, data entry, seo, ppc, and ad management.
  3. Translation –
    1. You can get paid to translate video and speech into text.
    2. Sign up as a freelancer on rev here
  4. Programming – Toptal
    1. This site works hard to vet the people offered on their site, so if you get accepted you’re likely to get high quality, good paying gigs.
  5. E-Commerce
    1. Ebay
    2. Amazon FBA
  6. Affiliate Marketing
    1. Selling other people’s products
    2. John recommends looking for high ticket affiliate programs to get started because you get paid higher for each commission
    3. John has a training course on affiliate marketing, which you can see links to below.
  7. Influencer
    1. John recommends starting a youtube channel, and the #1 tip to doing that is to simply get started, and be consistent in posting new content as often as possible.

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