John Crestani – How To Start A Facebook Ad Agency (Video Summary)

Affiliate Marketing expert John Crestani shows us how to start a Facebook Ad agency and grow it.

John mentions that he has experience, since he started a Facebook Ad Agency that grew to up to 140 employees.

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Here are my main takeaways from John’s video:

  1. Either Be an Expert or Find An Expert in Facebook Advertising
  2. Find the places that people go to find answer to Facebook Ads Questions (answer questions on Quora , Create “how to” videos for Facebook ads on Youtube or Start a Facebook group to give advice to business owners on Facebook Ads, or answering people’s questions on help desks , or live events and conferences)
  3. Give Potential Customers/Clients Value (answer their questions)
  4. Go to Local Networking Events and meet business owners
  5. Do Free Audits To Go Over Their Account & Make Personalized Recommendations
  6. Post Case Studies

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