John Crestani – How To Promote CPA Offers (Video Summary)

Affiliate Marketing expert John Crestani reveals his top methods for making money by promoting CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate offers.

John has made millions promoting CPA offers, and one of the best known teachers out there right now, so if you’re interested in making money online with CPA affiliate marketing, pay attention to this video.

John talks about how CPA networks often have products that are “aggressive” in their marketing.

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Watch the full training in the video below:

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Here Are the 3 main things that John talks about in this video:

  1. Best CPA Networks
  2. Techniques
    1. Cloaking
    2. Account Farming
    3. Deep Analytics
  3. Education
    1. Check out John’s Super Affiliate System to learn more about CPA Marketing
    2. Attend live conferences like Affiliate Summit Asia
    3. Join the Stack That Money Forum
    4. Learn from Charles Gno
    5. Learn from Tim Burd

If you want to see John’s preferred method of making money online with affiliate marketing, check out the free training below:

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john crestani webinar replay
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