John Crestani – How To Make Money Online Fast No Scams (Video Summary)

Affiliate Marketing expert John Crestani teaches 2 different proven methods to making real money online fast as a TOTAL BEGINNER.

This is a very beginner friendly tutorial, teaching 2 basic methods for making money

  1. Competing tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Amazon mechanical turk is a place where you can earn small amounts of money by completing specific tasks.

If you want to see how to make more money for tasks on mechanical turk, John recommends reading this subreddit on reddit where they discuss the top strategies for earning money working with the service:

2. Affiliate Marketing

This is where John makes the bulk of his living, and what he teaches people how to replicate in his trainings.

Affiliate marketing is where you sell another company’s product but you do it through a special unique tracking link, and you earn a commission when the person who clicked on your link buys the product.

John shows you how to create affiliate marketing accounts on the 2 most popular affiliate networks:

  1. Amazon Associates

Watch the full training in the video below:

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Jon Walks you through the basics of setting up your own Clickbank account or amazon associates account from scratch. Then, the following steps:

Jon mentions that while this is a great way to get started and earn your first commissions from clickbank and amazon, it’s not a scalable strategy.

To scale up the strategy, you’ll need advanced training, like the training that Jon provides for free in the webinar below:

FREE Training: Learn John’s Strategy To Make a 6 Figure Income Online

john crestani webinar replay
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