John Crestani – How To Make Money Online Fast, For Free, And Easy (Video Summary)

Affiliate Marketing expert John Crestani shows 3 main ways to start earning a living online fast, easy, and free.

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Here are the 3 main ways that John recommends getting starting making money online.

  1. Amazon Mechanical Turk – this is a website that pays you for completing basic tasks. You can’t make much money, but it’s very easy, and reliable. John says that you can earn roughly $5-$10 per hour.
  2. Ebay – John recommends getting started by listing things on Ebay to start making money. According to Gary Vaynerchuck, you can even make up to $100,000 per year if you start finding items on craigslist for free or buying them cheap from yard sales and flipping them on ebay.
  3. Lead Generation Ads – especially if you’re a local business, you can collect leads directly from facebook and get their information very easily – you can get leads for $5-$10 per lead
  4. Video Ads – These are great for telling stories
  5. App Installs
  6. Engagement Ads – focuses on people who like and comment on your ads. Many people will start out with engagement ads and THEN go to the traffic ads. Facebook gives some extra mojo to these ads because it tends to keep people on the Facebook platform
  7. Traffic Ads – this is the main kind of ad for driving traffic to your website
  8. Budget Limits – John recommends $100 for an average campaign budget limit.
  9. Creating Ad Sets – this is the main unit of organization for facebook ads.
  10. Targeting – John starts focusing on location, and setting minimum age to 35
  11. Interests – John recommends finding the most specific niche that could be interested inside your interests that you’re targeting. If your audience size is too big, it will be too difficult to find your ideal customers.
  12. Engaged Shoppers audience – this is a special audience that facebook deems to be very likely to engage with commerce and actually buy things online.

If you want to see John’s preferred method of making money online with affiliate marketing, check out the free training below:

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