John Crestani – How To Make Money On Fiverr (Video Summary)

Affiliate Marketing expert John Crestani shows us how to make money on

Fiverr is a job where you can perform tasks or sell services for people, starting at $5 per job.

John’s biggest tip for being successful is to start out selling services for the basic $5 price, but then add upsells to make more per sale.

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Here are the main steps to creating successful native ad campaigns according to John:

  1. Figure out what you can offer for $5 or less than $25
  2. Find a category for your service
  3. Offer something like an Audit for just $5, or write ads for $5 or Find keywords for their business for $5
  4. Use Fiverr as a “loss leader” – as a way to get leads to a business where you can upsell them to something like $1000/month to get a client.
  5. Get people on the phone to upsell your services

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FREE Training: Learn John’s Strategy To Make a 6 Figure Income Online

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