John Crestani – How To Learn Affiliate Marketing (Video Summary)

Affiliate Marketing expert John Crestani shares his perspective on the mindsets and thinking that separate the majority of Rich vs. Poor people.

This video may be slightly controversial, but if your goal is the be successful making money online, then it’s a great bunch of lessons to learn.

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Here are my main takeaways from John’s Presentation:

  1. Poor People React, Rich People Make People React To Them – instead of being a slave to notifications, calls, and the desires of others, rich people take action with intent.
  2. Poor People Give Advice – You should always be a better listener than an advice giver, according to John. No matter where you’re at, you should approach social situations with a curiosity mindset.
  3. Poor People Watch, Wealthy People Read – Using “passive” entertainment methods doesn’t utilize your brain’s creative energies, whereas reading will stimulate your brain and make you better at thinking clearly and making better decisions
  4. Poor People Trade Time For Money, Rich People Trade Results For Money
  5. Poor People Save, Wealthy People Earn – instead of focusing on saving pennies, you should focus on being able to earn more.
  6. Poor People Believe Money is Evil, Rich People think money is the source of good.
  7. Poor People Blame Others – when things go bad, poor people will always find someone to blame. This is also known as the “victim mentality”.
  8. Poor People have a Lottery Mentality, wealthy people take the “action” mentality – taking control of your life and your circumstances is very important to being able to create wealth.

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