John Crestani – How To Gracefully Quit A Job You Hate (Video Summary)

Affiliate Marketing expert John Crestani talks about how to quite a job you hate.

John tells the story of how he quit his job and how that can help you to finally exit a job that you don’t love to a career that you’re passionate and excited about.

Specifically, how to do it without burning any bridges.

Watch the full training in the video below:

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Here are John’s tips:

  1. Give 1 Months Notice
  2. Be Brief
  3. Be Discreet
  4. Be Positive
  5. Have a Plan (know your numbers)

Eventually, John leveraged his skills in buying ads into becoming a super affiliate promoting products from all niches.

If you want to see John’s preferred method of making money online with affiliate marketing, check out the free training below:

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