John Crestani – How To Do Native Advertising (Video Summary)

Affiliate Marketing expert John Crestani shows us how to successfully create profitable ads on Native Ads platforms (like Outbrain, Taboola, and More )

Native ads have massive traffic, they are the kind of ads that look like news articles and show on news sites and blogs.

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Here are the main steps to creating successful native ad campaigns according to John:

  1. Research – start by going to major news sites like The Blaze
  2. Look For Article Images that Look Like Ads
  3. Click on The Ads
  4. Look At The Landing Page That The Ad Is Going To
  5. Look For Affiliate Links, Sales Copy (Take note of which products are being promoted,
  6. (Bonus) – Use a spy tool like or Whatrunswhere to get a database of currently running ads.
  7. Sign up for the Native Ad Platform (Taboola , Outbrain, and Others)
  8. Set Up Targeting For Your Campaign (Time of Day, Country, Device)
  9. Set Bid Amount – John Recommends starting with a higher bid, so that you can start getting shown in the algorithm. He says it’s easier to start high and move down than it is to start low and move up. He also recommends $2.00 CPC.
  10. Only Work With Advertising that’s Proven and Effective
  11. Look for Dynamic Parameters being used in the ads that you researched, and see if you can model those.
  12. Finish up the ad with similar copy, and hit finish!

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