John Crestani – Best Websites To Find Remote Jobs (Video Summary)

Affiliate Marketing expert John Crestani shows us how to find full time jobs using Remote Work Websites.

As he mentions in the video, this is a different goal than simply finding gigs to make short term money.

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Here are my main takeaways from John’s video:

  1. Remote Work is very competitive
  2. You want to have a specific niche (if you’re a video editor for example, you should be a video editor for a specific niche like self development)
  3. Ego – John says you need to get rid of your Ego – put aside your particular personality traits, religious or political beliefs or anything that might prevent you from working with the clients fluidly.

Here are the websites that John Recommends to find remote jobs:

  1. Working Nomads
  2. Tech Guys Who Get Marketing
  3. Do a google Search for “job boards

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