John Crestani – 11 Online Marketing Tools (Video Summary)

Affiliate Marketing expert John Crestani gives us his top 11 marketing tools he uses to make millions doing affiliate and online marketing.

Every good marketer knows they’re only as good as their tools, so getting this list from a pro is a super helpful resource for anyone who’s doing online marketing at any level.

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Here are John’s top 11 recommended marketing tools:

  1. Mailchimp (Email Marketing)
    • Cost – Free (up to 1,000 subscribers)
    • Does NOT like affiliate marketing (even though John says that they’re ok with it, in my experience they are VERY against it)
    • Sign Up Here (Free)
  2. Google Keyword Planner (Keyword Research)
    • Cost – Free
    • Helps to find search volume around any search term out there
    • Features dozens of other tools and features to help you do expert level market research for advertising.
    • Generally, this is where I start for all of my keyword research needs. Google has the most sophisticated data on keywords out there.
    • Use The Google Keyword Planner Here (Free)
  3. Answer The Public (Keyword Research)
    1. Cost = Free
    2. Answer the public is a unique tool that is very good at showing keyword research data in a very visual manner.
    3. I love Answer the public, and highly recommend you put in any keyword you’re thinking about marketing and see the cool results you get.
    4. Use Answer The Public Here (Free)
  4. Ubersuggest (keyword research, SEO Research)
    • Ubersuggest is a free tool built for and by SEOs to give critical information about any keyword, domain or URL like:
      • Keyword Ranking Difficulty
      • Backlink Profile
      • Keyword Volume
      • Related Keywords
    • Use Competitors URL to get better keyword ideas
    • Ubersuggest was recently acquired by Neil Patel, and is transforming itself into one of the best, most powerful free resources out there for SEO marketing and keyword research.
    • Try Ubersuggest here (Free)
  5. Clickfunnels (Website Building, Sales Funnel Building)
    1. Tool for building your business online in one place, with drag and drop website builder, sales funnel templates, email marketing and more.
    2. Especially great for people who have no tech/coding skills and want to increase their profits by adding sales funnels.
    3. Learn more (and get free 14 day trial) about Clickfunnels here
  6. Adbeat (Advertising Spy Tool)
    1. Adbeat shows the successful ads running on most display networks
  7. Spyfu (Advertising Spy Tool)
    1. Spyfu is another spy tool to help you see your competitors ads that are running, and it’s particularly good for seeing ads on Google Ads.
    2. Sign up for free trial of spyfu here
  8. Social Ad Scout (Facebook Ads Spy Tool)
    1. Helps you spy on competitors on facebook ads
    2. Try it here
  9. Voluum (Click Tracking, Data Analysis)
    1. Voluum is the #1 trusted tool for click tracking for affiliate marketers
    2. John refers to the function of Voluum as “deep analytics” and says he uses this tool in his business almost more than anything else, including split testing landing pages, ads, and automatic optimization
    3. Try Voluum Here
  10. Keap (formerly Infusionsoft – Marketing Automation)
    1. This is an all-in-one automation, CRM, and advanced marketing platform for scaling your business
  11. Call Loop (SMS Marketing)
    1. This software allows you to reach your customers in a very effective way if you have their phone numbers and if you use it properly.
  12. Google Analytics (foundation of marketing analytics)
    1. Google analytics is free, and is one of the most advanced analytics platforms on the planet.
    2. You can use the tool to dig into tons of different segments of information about people who are visiting your websites and funnels
  13. Adobe Photoshop (photo editing)
  14. Camtasia (Video Editing, Screen Recording)
    1. Camtasia allows you to record videos on your computer screen and then do most of the editing that most people will ever need in one program.
    2. I personally use Camtasia for almost every youtube video I make.
    3. Try Camtasia Free here
    4. This is one of the best teaching tools for teaching people how to do just about anything online, whether you’re creating youtube videos or training team members in your company
  15. Zapier (Automation, API Integrations)
    1. Zapier is a tool for connecting dozens of different business and online tools together in an automatic way
    2. Use Zapier here

If you want to see John’s preferred method of making money online with affiliate marketing, check out the free training below:

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