Jarvis Bootcamp

The Jarvis Bootcamp is a new training program from the Jarvis.ai team.

You can take the full certification course and in the end, you can become certified in the use of the AI powered content creation tool, Jarvis AI.

jarvis bootcamp certificate
Show off your skills by completing the jarvis bootcamp and receiving a snazzy new certificate

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How to get certified (from the official Jarvis Bootcamp Webpage)

1. Complete the following requirements

  • Complete the Jarvis Bootcamp
  • Generate content at least once inside each of the 50+ Templates
  • Create 1 new Recipe of your own (don’t just copy an existing one)
  • Have personally generated at least 20,000 words
    • To see how many words you’ve generated, hover over the arrow next to your name on the team page.

Do not take the exam until you have completed all of the above requirements

2. Pass the exam

The Certification Exam is designed to test your competence and knowledge of Jarvis. It is open-note, and all of the material is covered in the Jarvis Bootcamp and Help Center.

To pass, you need to answer 85% of the questions successfully. You can take it multiple times.

Click here to take the Exam

3. Wait for review

After you pass the exam, we will be alerted to review your Jarvis account to confirm all requirements are complete. We will do our best to review and approve all passing applicants on the next Tuesday after your exam is passed.

If everything checks out, then congrats! You’re now officially Jarvis Certified!

Once approved, we will email you your badge and a certificate with your name on it. Add the badge to your LinkedIn and show it off to the world.

The Jarvis Bootcamp Videos

Welcome To The Bootcamp

Step By Step Instructions For Getting Started With Jarvis

This is a great introduction to the platform and how all of the tools included in Jarvis work.

Watch On Youtube

In this video, you learn how to get started with jarvis

Lesson 1 – The Basics of Jarvis

The Dashboard – Templates – Documents – Content History – Projects

This training covers the Jarvis dashboard – where you find most of the tools that you’re ever going to use when you’re planning content with Jarvis.

Lesson 2 – The Jarvis Training Data

What Jarvis knows and what you can expect of him.

In this video, you will learn just how jarvis gathers data, what kind of information the AI has access to, and what you can realistically expect jarvis to do for you.

Lesson 3 – How Jarvis Thinks

How Jarvis predicts the words you want him to write.

One of the learning curves involved with using Jarvis AI to create content is learning how exactly to “talk” to Jarvis – sometimes it can be challenging to figure out how you’re supposed to talk to the AI to get the right response.

This training helps you to understand how to use the tool properly to generate the kind of content that you are looking for.

Lesson 4 – How Jarvis Thinks

Understanding how Jarvis looks for patterns to follow

Learning how the AI powering Jarvis works can help you to know how to intelligently use the tool to create content in your business or for your clients.


If you’re looking to learn how to use the very powerful Jarvis AI platform to write better SEO content, write google ads, social media captions, or even long form blog articles, you’ll definitely want to go through the full Jarvis Bootcamp and even apply to get the certificate.


How Much Does The Jarvis Bootcamp Cost?

Free! You don’t have to pay anything for the bootcamp.

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