Invideo Alternatives – Best Video Creation Software in 2020

invideo alternatives

Invideo has recently taken over as one of the premier options out there for helping content creators generate stunning videos quickly and easily. 

But you may be asking - what are the best Invideo Alternatives?

There are dozens of great video creation options out there, depending on who you are and what you're looking to accomplish in your video creation efforts. 

We've broken down some of the best options out there to help you create amazing videos with a few clicks of the button, depending on what you're looking for. 

If you want to jump right to my #1 Recommended Invideo Alternative, click the link below and check out Vidnami (formerly Content Samurai).

You can start a free trial of Vidnami Here

But if you're looking for some more great Invideo alternatives, I've listed some of the top options below. 

On this page you'll find the top video creation software alternatives to content samurai.

Quick Links: Invideo Alternatives

  • Best Overall
    (Great for Professionals)
  • Best Budget Alternative - $$$
    ($27 One Time Payment)
  • Best For Affiliate Traffic
    (Innovate Video Traffic System)

Best Invideo Alternatives

#1 Recommendation

Vidnami (formerly Content Samurai)

vidnami logo

Price: Free Trial (14 days)
Upgrade - Starts at $47/ month
Best Discount: 25% Lifetime Discount
Free Trial : Start Free Trial Now

Vidnami (formerly Content Samurai) is probably the best alternative to Invideo out there. 

The most popular feature of vidnami is the text to video features, where you can copy and paste in some test and have it turned into a video in just a few seconds.

vidnami features

Vidnami is my #1 recommended Invideo alternative

The first tag line of Vidnami boasts: 

"Create stunning videos for your business in minutes"

And in my experience, that's actually something they deliver on. 

I have indeed created dozens and dozens of videos for various social media channels that actually only take 1-5 minutes to create. 

No More Video Editing?

vidnami video editing

The next best tag line of Vidnami that I really love is this: 

"No Video Editing Necessary" 

Now, that sounds pretty crazy coming from a video editing software, right? 

But that's just the point. The software does 99% of the job for you. 

You can tweak, edit, and refine...but for the most part, you don't have to do a thing. 

That's why I love the software. 

Of course, if you want, you can get really creative with Vidnami and take advantage of literally tens of thousands of stock video clips to create the exact sequence you're looking for. 

Again, the text to video feature is shockingly good. I didn't believe it the first few times I turned out great looking videos from just copy and pasting some text. 

And of course, you can try it out for free. 

Try Vidnami Today (Free Trial)


  • Automated Text-to-Speech
  • Text to Video & Article To Video - similar feature to Invideo
  • Create Unlimited Videos
  • 790,000+ Storyblocks Video Clips
  • 125,000,000+ Royalty Free Images
  • 30,000+ Premium Music Tracks
  • Automatic Sync of Audio and Visuals
  • *New* Automatically Bolds Keywords, Adds Ken Burns Effect, Adds Transitions & Animates Text
  • Simple, Affordable Pricing
  • Facebook, Youtube, Instagram ready pre-loaded templates
  • Multi-language support
  • 24*7 World-class Support
lumen 5 logo

Price: Free (with watermarks)
Upgrade - Starts at $19/ month
Best Deal: Start Free Now

Luman 5 is a very popular and capable tool that also has a nifty "text to video" feature like Invideo and Content Samurai

With Lumen 5, you can create an entire video by simply copy and pasting a selection of text...

Or even copying a url of a blog article

And it will automatically generate a video using the same tet.


  • Text to Video - similar feature to content samurai
  • Automated Workflow
  • Media Library
  • Branding Options
lumen 5 demo

Lumen 5 has a seamless experience as well

animoto logo

Price: Free Forever (with watermarks)
Upgrade - Starts at $5/ month
Best Deal: Join Free Plan Now


  • Easy drag-and-drop interface
  • Beautiful, versatile video templates
  • Access to over a million stock assets
  • Storyboard Templates
animoto demo

Animoto Makes creating stunning videos very easy

instant video wizard logo

Price: $47 per month
Videos: Unlimited
Best Deal:  Get $10 Off At This Link

Instant video wizard is a very similar competitor to content samurai, especially if you're looking to produce video content for affiliate marketing or creating content to sell to clients. 

It offers simple pricing at just $47/mo and access to dozens of nice templates and a simple to use editor. 

Best Budget Alternative To Invideo

One of the downsides of Invideo, Vidnami, and all of the other options on this list is the recurring payment. 

If your business is producing consistent revenue, then paying a few bucks a month isn't a big deal to harness the power of the video creation software. 

However, if you're building a business on a budget, sometimes it's best to find a software that only charges a one time payment instead of a monthly payment.

The best budget alternative to Invideo is VideoMaker FX 

videomaker fx logo

Price: $27 One Time Payment
Videos: Unlimited
Best Deal:  Get Best Price At This Link

VideoMaker FX is a very popular video creation software and a great alterantive to Content Samurai (Vidnami) - especially if you're on a budget, because it has NO RECURRING FEE. 

This factor is very important and appealing to many business owners, affiliates and marketers, that's why tens of thousands of people have added Videomaker FX to their arsenal over the years.

For a small one time $27 fee, you can create infinite automated videos with this powerful software. 

What Is Vidnami? (Best Invideo Alternative)

If you haven't heard, Vidnami (Content Samurai) is a really neat software that helps you take all the hard work out of creating viral videos...

You can create high quality videos complete with full motion video clips, royalty free music, and even narrated text!

  • Without Being On Camera
  • Without Needing To Create or Hire a Voice Over
  • Without any expensive camera equipment or recording software

Sounds crazy, but it's actually true. Check out the video below:

Vidnami/Content Samurai Demo

My Vidnami Review

I think Vidnami might be the easiest way to create marketing videos ever. 

I kid you helps you generate an entirely unique, high quality,

Very rankable Youtube video to drive traffic...

In oh...about...5 minutes? 


Check it out. It's bananas.

AND it handles the #1 objection/question I get from affiliates about making youtube videos...

Do I have to be on camera? Do I have to do a voiceover?

And if you use THIS handy amazing tool...the answer to both, is NO. 

In fact, you can just load up a bit of text into the software, 

And it just creates a really cool video for you. 

And even has an automated voice features, that turns the text into voice. 

And's not bad!

I thought it was going to sound like a stupid robot like some of those videos on youtube...

But it actually sounds almost like a real person. 


Which is pretty awesome, considering it's 100% automated. 

I was SUPER skeptical with this as I have created hundreds of youtube videos over the past couple years, and I have a pretty good feel for what works and what doesn't...

And the promise of automating a process that I know can be super tricky...

Sounded too good to be true. 

But I was blown away by the quality!

Now the next question I had when I tried this software was...

Would anyone actually buy something from a automatic, computer generated voice and a simple video?

I wasn't sure. 

But, I wanted to give this thing a try, since I've heard so many people talk about it. 

And I uploaded a few videos on another affiliate niche channel I'm working on...

And then I sort of forgot about it. 

But a couple days ago, I logged into that new Clickbank account...

And sure enough..there was a sale!

From a Youtube Video that only had 12 Views!

I couldn't believe it. 

So...yes, it's good enough to convert people into buyers. 

And yes, it is as easy as they say it is. 

And yes, you can create videos without your face OR voice and still have them be high quality. 

I think it's an affiliate marketer's dream

AND as part of our "12 days of...whatever" celebration...

I'm going to offer you some bonuses if you sign up through my link. 

Check out the software and My bonuses HERE

You can try the software for free, but if you decide you like it and want to upgrade to the paid plan, 

Just send me an email with a screenshot of your purchase, 

And I'll deliver to you thousands in bonuses listed HERE

How Much Does It Cost?

You can start with an unlimited 14 day free trial...

With that trial, you can create as many videos as you want, and you even get to keep them and use them forever!

If you want to stay subscribed to the service, it's just $47/month after that to create unlimited videos any time you want. 

Vidnami Affiliate Bonuses: 

Bonus #1: Affiliate Traffic Secrets Book

Discover the secrets of FREE Unlimited Traffic for your affiliate offers...

  • How to pick a perfect affiliate niche and offer that convert
  • How to drive traffic 100% free from Youtube (even easier with Content Samurai)
  • How to build a Facebook Group of Hungry buyers 100% Free
  • How to build a free or inexpensive blog that gets automated traffic by targeting keywords so easy to rank for that you don't need backlinks or super tough content
  • Exact templates to follow to create content fast and easy that sells!
  • Lots more...
affiliate traffic secrets book the nomad brad

Bonus #2: The Affiliate "Bonus Power Pack"

content samurai bonuses

A powerful set of software and resources that will help you manage your online sales, track your affiliate links, fully automate your facebook group...

And get a complete list of the exact high converting, high commission affiliate offers that you can use your new video traffic to send clicks and sales to right away...

Power up with the power pack!

Here's What You'll Get When You Upgrade Today...

Power Pack Bonus #1: Affiliate Swipe Bundle
affiliate swipe bundle
Clickfunnels Share Funnel Library - 46 share funnels you can directly import into your Clickfunnels account. This includes funnels from millionaire marketers like Dan Henry, Grant Cardone, and Peng Joon.

Ultimate List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs - My hand picked list of over 130+ lifetime recurring affiliate programs. All of these affiliate programs pay you recurring income month after month, and it's a great way to add multiple streams of income to your business.

Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library – Get the exact Facebook ads that 40 of the top internet entrepreneurs are running right now.

Power Pack Bonus #2: Group Convert Software

You'll also be getting Group Convert, which is a software that I am using every, single day to build my email list.

What it does is automatically collect the emails from people who join your Facebook group, and push them to your favorite autoresponder.

This saves you from the time consuming and tedious task of manually importing your contacts yourself.

Setting up your own Facebook Group is an awesome way to build your brand, and promote the products you love to use. But you don't own this traffic.

Facebook does. But once you have setup Group Convert, you'll be in control of your leads again.

Power Pack Bonus #3: Online Marketing Software Package
Software #1: Invoicing You Premium Plan (Retail $97/mo)

Simple yet powerful invoicing software that gives your clients an easy way to pay you online for your products or services.

invoicing you
Software #2: Sticky Reviews Premium Plan (Retail $25/mo)

A social proof software that displays real reviews from your customers. Increases conversions by over 15%

Software #3: Magic Zap Standard Plan (Retail $47/mo)

Create custom personalized sales pages and fire off automations when people visit your site.

maigc zap
Software #4: Link Wizard Professional (Retail $47/mo)

A link tracking software that lets you see where your traffic is coming from so you can understand what is working for you.

link wizard

Get Content Samurai + Thousands In Bonuses From This Page!

Step 1: Sign up For The Content Samurai Free Trial

Give content samurai a try for 7 days, no obligation or credit card required, and in those 7 days you can create unlimited videos and you get to keep those videos forever. 

Step 2: Upgrade To The Paid Plan

If you like the software, Upgrade to the paid version and you'll get access to all the bonuses on this page!

Step 3: Send Me An Email With A Screenshot of Your Purchase and I'll send you all the bonuses

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