How To Use Sticky Elements In Elementor Pro

The following blog post will be a quick tutorial on how to use sticky elements in Elementor Pro. This is a great way to create content that sticks to the top of the page even when scrolling down.

Every website needs some form of navigation, whether it’s at the very top or bottom of the site.

Sometimes you want your users/visitors to have access to certain links without having to scroll all the way back up again. With this feature you can set an element (navigation bar, image gallery and more) as “sticky” so that it will remain visible while scrolling through any page on your website! Let’s break it down step by step:

Sticky elements are a new feature in Elementor Pro. They let you create sticky bars on the side of your website that stay anchored to the browser window, even when scrolling down through content.

Watch On Youtube

This new functionality can be used for anything from displaying navigation menus, advertisements, or call-to-action buttons at the top of a page. In the video tutorial above, you can how to use them and what they look like in action so you can get started using them too!

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