How To Do A Dopamine Detox

Have you heard of a "Dopamine Detox"? 

It's an exercise in understanding your brain's natural chemistry and using it to get yourself to do more of the productive type of habits that you know you need to do more of to be successful in life. 

Have you struggled with getting yourself to do any of the following?

  • Working Out and Exercising
  • Working On Your Business or Side Hustle
  • Writing your book, creating youtube videos, or any other creative endeavor? 

Well, part of the problem could be that you could be forming a dopamine addiction. 

In fact, since you're living in modern society, it's very likely that you're facing the same struggle with dopamine addition that all of us are. 

Some of the activities that take advantage of our dopamine craving (in fact, they are scientifically engineered to) are:

  • Social Media
  • Video Games
  • Apps & Games

In the face of our addiction to dopamine spikes form these activities, it's nearly impossible to work on the "deep work" that we know will help us be more productive and more successful. 

Enter, the concept of a "Dopamine Detox". 

The theory is, if you periodically take a break from all the activities that take over your dopamine addiction...

You can "reset" and help your brain appreciate the things that WILL help you be more productive. The hard work or "Deep Work" that you know you need to do. 

In this video from Better Than Yesterday you can see what benefits a Dopamine Detox can have on your life, and how you can achieve it easily by just taking 24 hours and giving it a try. 

How To Do A Dopamine Detox


Should you try a dopamine detox? 

Well, if you're having trouble focusing on the "harder" things in life and find yourself endlessly scrolling on social media...playing addictive phone games or checking other apps for "dings, buzzes, and notifications" then a 24-48 hour dopamine detox could help. 

Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments what you experienced. 

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