How to Design a Beautiful Instagram Feed with Canva

Canva has been one of the go-to tools for design since its inception in 2013.

It is a free, easy to use website that offers designs and templates for all aspects of your life including social media, blog graphics, presentations, infographics and more.

In this post we’ll see how you can create amazing instagram feed images for your business or personal instagram using Canva.

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With Canva it’s never been easier to create beautiful images with just a few clicks.

Here are five quick tips on how you can design a beautiful Instagram feed using Canva:
1) Choose an aesthetically pleasing template or customize it from scratch
2) Add your own photos
3) Select the desired filters
4) Customize text
5) Save as new project (optional).

These five steps will give you endless variations of different layouts for your page which will keep things fresh

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