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How To Cloak Affiliate Links With Pretty Links (WordPress Plugin)

Ever wondered how to cloak affiliate links? Pretty links is a pretty great solution, and it’s a free wordpress plugin.

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Where To Download The Pretty Link Plugin:

You can download the free version here

Or upgrade to the pro version here

How Much Does Pretty Link Cost?

Pretty link is a free plugin.

However, there are tons of upgrades and additional features in the pro version

What Is A Good Alternative To Pretty Link?

A very popular alternative to pretty link is called Thirsty Affiliates.

You can download Thirsty Affiliates for free here

FREE Download:

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Check out a comparison of Thirsty Affiliates vs. Pretty Link

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How to Cloak Affiliate Links with Pretty Links | linkpatriot99 - March 27, 2018 Reply

[…] Get rid of those clunky,long affiliate links and replace them with pretty links that make sense and are easy to share. […]

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