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We’ve all learned that having an email list is the #1 goal of building an internet business…

That “The Money Is In The List”…right?

But the question is: how do you go about BUILDING that list?

In essence, this is how you go about building any list in ANY niche:

Step 1) Find out what people in that niche want

Step 2) Give it to them (in exchange for their contact information)

That’s it. 

Sounds simple, right?

But as we all know…sometimes the simplest things can be the hardest to actually do. 

A while back, I was struggling to find that exact answer to build my list. 

I really had no idea what my niche wanted. 

And I did what everyone must do…start testing out ideas and see how the market responds!

Step 1: Discover The “Hooks” That Work For Your Niche

In Dotcom Secrets, Russel Brunson refers to these potential ideas as “hooks”. 

You can think of them literally like fishing hooks that you’re tossing out into the sea of your potential customers with certain “bait” attached, to see if they’ll take the bait (aka join your list in exchange for getting what they want). 

To build your list, you’re going to have to start tossing out these “hooks” and seeing how well people respond. 

If they give you their email address, then you’ve discovered a hook that the market likes!

It feels awesome. 

AND more importantly, it helps you to build your list with a LOT less work. 

And the best part?

That same hook will very likely keep working for that audience for a LONG time…potentially forever!

Because there’s “nothing new under the sun”. 

That means that new people are always going to be coming into your niche, and they are always going to start having the exact same problems, questions and desires…

And if you start to learn what those are, you can easily create “hooks” that will bring them into your audience, and build your list. 

How Do You Discover The Hooks that are going to work for your niche?

There are 3 different ways to find out which hooks are going to work in your niche:

Method 1 – Investigate – become a detective and find out what your niche cares about

This method is the most work. Especially if you’re looking into a brand new niche, then this is probably the place you’ll need to start. 

You need to find out WHERE your target niche hangs out, and go “spy” on their conversations. 

What are some of the places you can find your audience and see what they want?

  1. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great place to see what your target audience really cares about. It’s literally a group set up only for the people who are a part of that niche. 

They are free to join, and if they’re active enough, then every day real live people who are your potential customers will be asking questions, giving commentary, and bringing their problems and concerns to the group. 

All you need to do is pay attention to what they’re saying, and start writing down ideas. 

Just go to facebook, and type your niche into the search box. 

Then go over to the “Groups” tab and start joining!

You can even join in on the conversation and ask them more questions if you want to dig deeper.

2) Forums

 Forums still exist for just about every niche, interest, audience and interest out there.

They’re very focused, and the active members are literally the most passionate members of the niche. 

A great way to look on forums for potential hooks is to simply sort all of the posts by the most viewed, and most commented on. 

These are most likely the most important questions that the audience cares about, their biggest problems, frustrations, and questions. 

These are going to be perfect hooks. 

Method 2 – Ask them

If you have any pre-existing audience, then you can simply ask them. If you have an email list, messenger bot list, or youtube channel…

Just ask your audience what they want help with, what their frustrations are, and what they wish they could have. 

Then, you can go about making them. 

Method 3 – Find an “Evergreen Hook” and use it

The Power of Not “Reinventing The Wheel”

Here’s the thing that all marketers eventually discover in ANY niche:

Each niche has a certain set of “Core Desires” that they desperately need solutions to. 

And those desires probably are, always have been, and always will be…the same. 

In other words…there’s “nothing new under the sun”. 

Weight Loss – Lose Weight Without Giving Up Your Favorite Foods

Men’s Dating – How To Know If A Girl Is Ready To Kiss You

Women’s Dating – How To Get A Guy And KEEP Him

Make Money Online – How To Work From Home & Be Your Own Boss

These hooks are eternal. In marketing terms, we call them “Evergreen”

They work on any medium – tv, books, magazines, email, messenger bot, social media. 

And every other smaller niche or subniche has their own “evergreen” hooks. 

Want to see some evergreen hooks? 

Just check out any product on Clickbank. If they’re successful at all, they have stumbled upon an “evergreen” hook that is specific to that niche. 

Try digging into some of the more obscure niches. Chances are, if they are making sales, they at least did SOME research and discovered at least ONE hook that their audience was calling for. 

If you’re a marketer, a big part of your job is to be constantly looking for, taking note of, and creating hooks that your market is demanding. 

These are what you’re going to base your lead magnets and optin pages on if you’re looking to build a list. 

By the way…

If you happen to be in the MARKETING niche or the AFFILIATE MARKETING sub niche, here are some hooks I’ve discovered in the past year that seem to work pretty well…

Email Marketing – How to get 50-80% Optin Rates

Affiliate Marketing – Done-For-You Website That Makes You Money

(by the way you can download my version of this that was build by Rachel S. Lee here)

Sales Funnels – Download My Free Funnel That ________

Shopify Dropshipping – Download My List of Proven Products

Affiliate Marketing – The $100/Day Plan For Affiliate Marketing

If you’re specifically in the Affiliate Marketing Niche, I’ve found one “evergreen hook” that works REALLY well. 

A while ago, when I was producing a lot of youtube videos and testing out hooks all the time for affiliate marketers, there was one question that came up WAY more than any other…

“Which Niche Should I Choose?”

Nearly every time I did a youtube or facebook live, at least one person would ask me that. 

I guess that’s just one of the big questions that you ponder when you first start learning about affiliate marketing. 

So, I decided to test it out…

I created a pdf with a bunch of the hottest niches of 2019, and some high converting offers for each of them.

What happened?

Well,, so far from my traffic it’s been getting a whopping 75% optin rate!

I have to tell you…

It feels AWESOME when you find a hook that works. 

Because it doesn’t just work once…it works all day, every day. 

And I’ve grown my list significantly using this simple 2 page funnel and a simple PDF that took me an afternoon to create it. 

Let me ask you a question…would you like to have a tested, proven method of growing your list in the affiliate niche? 

To build a list of people hungry to learn more about (and buy products about) affiliate marketing, and making money online?

Well, you’re in luck 🙂

I’ve decided to share my affiliate niches funnel with you!

That’s right. You can completely take it and use it however you want. 

Here are some of my best recommendations on how to take this funnel and use it to build your own list and affiliate business:

  1. Use it to grow your list in the affiliate marketing space
  2. Create your own branded “Niches” pdf and replace it with YOUR affiliate product recommendations on the thank you page
  3. OR…Go ahead and use MY niches report, as is, out of the gate. This is the “set it and forget it” method. But you’ll be able to earn more and build a higher quality list if you rebrand it with your own recommendations (you can even earn affiliate commissions by replacing the offers with your own affiliate links

Click Here To Download The “Niches” Affiliate Building Funnel For Yourself

If you use it, send me an email or a message on Facebook to let me know how it works for you!

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