How To Add Tracking Scripts To Thrive Landing Pages (Finally!)

If you’ve used thrive architect or thrive themes for a while (and I have) then you’ve probably noticed a small frustration…

When you set up your universal tracking codes (facebook pixel, google analytics, bing/google ads, etc) in your theme options, then you THINK that everything should be good. Super simple, and elegant as usual with thrive.

But if you use thrive architect to build landing pages (for sending paid traffic, or creating specialized opts ins) then that same tracking code didn’t automatically appear…you’d have to manually insert the code into each and every landing page!

It was very tedious and didn’t make much sense.

However, they have elegantly and simply come up with a solution. Shane talks about it in the video below:

Watch On Youtube

I’m so excited, this is an amazing way to implement tracking scripts, and now it just makes running my entire website that much easier.

Awesome work thrive team!

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