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Hi, I'm Brad and I've been a digital nomad for about 5 years. I'd like to share with you the best methods and lessons I've discovered to help you achieve the same lifestyle freedom. 

I help people start, build and grow their online businesses using digital marketing. 

I specialize in paid traffic, especially ppc (Bing Ads, Google Adwords)

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The Bing Ads Bootcamp

Discover how to become a paid traffic ninja with the easiest platform for anyone who's new to ppc or paid traffic to start with - bing ads. 

I love bing ads and recommend EVERYONE start there, even if you're already a business expert...no matter how big your business is (and especially if you're just starting it) bing ads will almost certainly add lots of new revenue to your bottom line and let you tap into an audience that nobody else is reaching. 

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