EasyVSL vs Content Samurai

Looking for a great piece of software to help you automate and scale your video marketing efforts?  In this article, we're going to look at 2 great options: Content Samurai and EasyVSL

Fortunately, there are a lot of good options out there on the market right now to help you build some amazing video content. 

Quick Summary: 

If You're Creating Sales Videos, I Suggest EasyVSL
If You're Creating Social Media Content, I Suggest Content Samurai

Should You Choose EasyVSL or Content Samurai?

Well, I think that this really depends on what you're looking for. 

I have used both EasyVSL and Content Samurai, and I think they're both very good products. 

However, I think at their core they have very different purposes. 

Price: $97 (then $9.99/mo)
Great For Sales Videos

Easyvsl was really built to do exactly what its name suggestions: VSL (or Video Sales Letter) creation. 

It really is highly optimized to create VSLs, and I think for that purpose it thrives. 

If you are writing sales letters, and then recording your voice over them, then EasyVSL can really help you speed up that process with its streamlined process. 

If you've ever created VSLs yourself (I have created hundreds) then you know that software that helps to speed up that process can be INVALUABLE. 

The most valuable feature of EasyVSL in my opinion is the feature that lets you take a script, and easy and automatically break that text into slides that have 1-2 sentences on them each. 

Which again, is absolutely crucial if you're writing Video Sales Letters.


  • Automatic Slide Creation
  • Over 75 Templates
  • Artificial Intelligence: Sync Your Voice Over With Your Slides
  • Streamlined Sales Video Creation Process

Price: $27/mo
Great For Social Media Videos

If you're creating social media video content, then Content Samurai can be an amazing tool. 

I am amazed at how easy the software makes creating really stunning videos. 

The best thing about Content Samurai is how it comes with a HUGE stock library of royalty free video clips that it seemlessly and automatically blends into your videos. 

It's truly amazing to watch.

If you're making video content for Social Media, Content Samurai can save you MANY hours per day. 

Plus, it makes really cooling looking videos with royalty free video clips, plus royalty free music. 

The best feature of Content Samurai in my opinion in addition to their stock video integration is their amazing text-to-speech feature. 

They have a bunch of stock voices and I was genuinlely shocked by how good the AI does at turning text into speech. 

Of course it's not quite as good as a real human voice, but it's way closer than I thought. 

It makes generating a massive amount of videos for SEO, Affiliate Marketing way easier and faster.

The other brilliant feature in Content Samurai is that it reads the keywords on each slide and using that information, it automatically tries to find the best possible stock video clip to go in the background while that text is on the screen. 

You should really try it out. I think you'll be amazed. 


  • Go From Script To Video In Seconds
  • Brilliant Text-To-Speech Software
  • Built in Royalty Free Videos and Music
  • Intelligently Puts Video Background on Each Slide Based on Keywords


To sum it up, while both Content Samurai and EasyVSL are amazing tools, I think they each have a specialty that they excel at. 

EasyVSL is really good at creating Video Sales Letters. It was built with the process of writing sales scripts, then taking that script and turning it into a voice over, then matching that voice over up to an audio track. 

It does this process really, really well. If you're doing lots of sales videos, then you should definitely invest in this tool.

However, if you're looking to make lots of videos for social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram...

I think Content Samurai is the way to go. They have an amazing Speech recognition software and a truly amazing feature that reads the text on each slide and finds stock videos that match up to the content really well. 

It can take what used to be hours and hours of video editing and turn it into minutes or even seconds. 

Try Content Samurai Out Here

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