Easy Way To Boost Commissions

Here’s an extremely valuable lesson I’ve learned in the last year…

That is nearly guaranteed to boost your commissions.

– without changing the product you’re promoting

– without changing any copy

– in a way that’s super easy to automate

This is a stupidly simple trick that has increased the number of commissions I’ve made on pretty much every affiliate promotion I’ve done, since I learned it…

If you’re not doing it, you’re missing out on a LOT of money. 

In fact, it was responsible for me being able to start getting commissions from many products I had tried over and over again to promote, with little to NO results. 

And it’s so simple, yet I ignored it forever. 

Have you guessed what this simple commission-boosting trick is? 

Offer Bonuses. 

I know, it’s silly. 

You’ve probably heard this before. 

I know I had, but I really didn’t pay much attention.

“Why would silly bonuses make a difference?” I thought…

It’s already a great product…

“They either want it, or they don’t. “

Adding a few bonuses won’t make a difference!

Turns out I was 


Turns out…

Offering a few simple bonuses…

Can make the ENTIRE difference between zero sales…and lots of sales!

…Promoting the exact SAME OFFER

…Using the exact SAME sales COPY

…Sent to the exact same group of people

Please, just trust me on this:





Got it?

Good 🙂

Your bank account will thank me later!

Adding a few cool bonuses will help them “get off the fence” about a product they were already interested in. 

and it might make them get a product they weren’t even that excited about…

Just to get the bonuses!

It makes a huge swing!

Ok, so you may accept that bonuses are great, but how do you create them?

Option 1) Create training or content that’s relevant to the offer and offer it

Create some quick tutorial videos, cheat sheet PDFs, or some relevant podcast episodes about a topic that’s close to whatever problem the product you’re promoting promises to solve. 

Option 2) Take existing products, training or content you have and offer THAT as a bonus to anyone who buys through your link

If you have products that you already sell and are valuable, you can offer them for free for a genuine massive discount when people buy someone else’s product through your link. 

If they’ve been in your audience waiting to get your product, this is kind of a “no brainer” most of the time, because they get your product they already wanted AND this other product/tool/service that is going to help them even more!

You can see examples of how I re-packed some content that I hadn’t been using to offer as bonuses for these products:

Lead Funnels (Nomad Brad Bonuses)

Copywriting Secrets (Nomad Brad Bonuses)

But…you may be asking…

“What if you don’t have any products, or content created?”

Simple. Glad you asked. 

Option 3) Just use an already proven “bonus pack”

​If you want to get all the benefits of using a “bonus stack” when you’re promoting your offers, but you don’t want to go through the work of creating products or training…

You can simply use a “white label” bonus stack. 

​”White Labeling” means you buy the rights to use it for yourself. 

So somebody else puts the hard work into creating the products, and you just pay a small “licensing” fee to be able to offer the same products 100% from you. 

It’s a pretty great time saver. 

My friend Chris Fong has an awesome one here

chris fong cf affiliate power pack bonus
Chris Fong’s “CF Affiliate Power Pack” is a great option to get started offering bonuses to people who buy through your affiliate link

You can pick up this “power pack” bonus and re-use it as a bonus, and it has generated a LOT of extra revenue for him. 

In fact, he often credits it for being the single biggest turning point in his affiliate career.

Check it out here

The best part? 

You can use this bonus pack for just about any digital marketing related product. 

Ok, hope that lessons sinks in. 

If you’re doing affiliate marketing, time to learn about bonus stacks!

They’re a HUGE deal. 

If used right, They will increase your conversions by a lot without having to change anything else. 

I call that a high leverage strategy!


“The Nomad” Brad

TLDR: Bonuses Increase affiliate commissions. You should use them whenever you promote something. 

If you don’t have any bonuses to offer, Check out the “power pack” white label bonuses from Chris Fong

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