Clickfunnels Full Honest Review (2018)

Here is my full review of the clickfunnels marketing platform. I cover all my opinion of the pros & cons of the platform and who it's good for, plus pricing and a demonstration. 

  • Intro

    • What Is Clickfunnels?

    • Pros/Cons

    • Who It’s Good For

    • Who It’s GREAT For

    • And Who It’s Not Good For

    • Also, A quick demo of how it works and some of it’s features

    • Pricing Information

    • And Where To Get Started (For Free)

  • What Is Clickfunnels?

    • Software that combines website builder, landing page builder, shopping cart, split testing software, membership software, affiliate tracking software, email software, and more.

    • Really, the main purpose is creating sales funnels

    • What is a sales funnel?

    • Who can use sales funnels?

      • Pretty much all businesses

        • Authors, service providers, local businesses, ecommerce, information product creators, membership sites, and more

  • Pros

    • You speed of implementation, productivity and flexability skyrocket

    • Lightning Fast Website Creation

      • Literally create an entire website in 30 mins

    • Fast Landing Page / Optin Page Creation

    • Fast Integration With Payment Solution

    • Beautiful Designs

    • Effective, Proven Designs

    • The Easiest Way To Build A Complete Sales Funnel

    • Almost Instant Split Testing

    • Integration With Almost Every Auto Responder Service

    • Most popular service - many companies work with clickfunnels

    • Really Can Fire Your Designer/Programmer

    • Beautiful Membership Area

    • Beautiful Product/Download Delivery Pages

    • Tons of Proven Templates To Choose From, Or Be Inspired By

    • Really fantastic training and tutorials, even for total beginners

    • Awesome stats

    • Also Comes with tons of amazing marketing training

      • Probably worth it for the training alone

    • Integrates separate software pieces into one place - saves lots of money on membership software/ landing page builder / shopping cart plugin

  • Cons

    • If you can’t use stripe....pretty much ruins a lot of features

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