Builderall WordPress Integration | Step By Step

Builderall recently released a brand new WordPress integration that's very exciting!

In fact, it's essentially an option that allows you to create and host entire wordpress sites on your Builderall account for free. 

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the planet, and it has almost infinite flexibility through it's massive plugin directory. 

So you can basically have wordpress do whatever you want for your website or your business. 

Builderall is better known as a landing page and sales funnel builder, plus a number of other marketing tools that all come included with their membership.

One of the advantages of Builderall is having your website hosted on the super fast servers. 

However, their Blogging platform while robust, hasn't seen the most use and isn't very popular. 

If you combine the power of WordPress and Builderall, all things are possible. 

With the new WordPress Site Builder tool, you can build a site on Builderall's high speed servers but get the power and flexability of WordPress. 

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Builderall WordPress Integration Overview

This video from Barbie Figueroa explains well how to best use the wordpress integration in your business whether you're a current Builderall user or not. 

Essentially, one of the biggest perks that she emphasizes is that you can save money on hosting costs by switching your blogs over to Builderall

How To Use The Builderall WordPress 3-Click Integration

The WordPress 3 click integration is one of the apps listed under your main menu in the Builderall Back Office

To find it, go to Apps > Builders > WordPress 3-Click Integration

builderall wordpress integration

Open The WordPress Site Builder

This will open the WordPress site builder, where you can create your wordpress sites. 

This is where all of your wordpress blogs will be listed. 

I've used a lot of tools to install and setup wordpress, and the Builderall tool is actually one of the easiest. 

If you want to create a new wordpress blog, you will click on "Create Website"

builderall wordpress integration site builder

Create Your New Website

The next step is to create your website. 

Here, you can choose 2 options based on what you want: 

Do you want to have your own domain? Like 

This is good for branding and simplicity when you share your links with your audience. 

If you're thinking long term, I highly recommend you get your own domain and connect your wordpress blog to it. 

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If you are just getting started and just want to explore the possibilities of wordpress, you can use a hosted builderall domain, which would look like this:

The benefit of this is...well, it's free 🙂 And it lets you explore all the options before you commit to creating the blog. 

So next, select your option:

  • I have a domain
  • I don't have a domain

If you are going to use a option, choose the "Subdomain" option and type in what you'd like your blog's subdomain to be, and see if it's still available. 

builderall wordpress integration new site creator

Set Up Your WordPress Blog

Next, if your chosen subdomain IS avaiable, you can begin setting up your administrative options for your new wordpress blog:

  • Site Name - what do you want to call your website?
  • Language
  • Template
  • WordPress admin user - create a user to be the website admin
  • Password - Create a secure password for your admin account

After you've made all of yoru selections, hit the "Create Website" button

builderall wordpress integration blog options

Wait A Few Minutes...And Your New Website Will Appear

You will see a progress bar as your website is being built, and you may have to wait up to 5 minutes before your website is created. 

When it is, it will appear in the site builder office like this:

builderall wordrpress integration admin

Your new wordpress site will be listed here

Open Your Site With the "Open Admin" Button

builderall wordpress admin

Finally, you can jump into your FULL WordPress admin dashboard by clicking on the big green "open admin" button on this screen. 

This will open your full wordpress admin dashboard, where you can do everything you need to do to run a blog: 

Create new pages and posts

Install Plugins

Change all of your settings to configure your website properly. 


Builderall's new wordpress integration is a great way to achieve a few things: 

Try wordpress for the first time if you haven't yet. 

Save on hosting costs by moving your wordpress blogs and domains onto the Builderall hosted platform. 

Build a number of WordPress blogs for free. 

Best of all, the Wordpres 3 Click integration is just one of many features and tools included in your Builderall membership. 

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