Builderall Vs. Kajabi | Which One Is Best For You?

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Builderall vs Kajabi - the showdown for you, really comes down to 2 questions: 

1) What are you trying to accomplish?

2) What's your budget? 

I've been doing marketing online for nearly 10 years, and have used just about every tool and software out there. In my opinion, the question of Builderall Vs. Kajabi really just boils down to these 2 questions. 

Let me explain why...

By the way, if you haven't tried Builderall or Kajabi yet, both offer free trials, which you can try below: 

Builderall free trial (14 days)
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What Are You Trying To Accomplish?

In my experience, here is the main difference between Builderall and Kajabi: 

Builderall is an all-in-one marketing tool. 

It's a platform that's really meant for beginner to intermediate online businesses to help you sell anything online quickly, easily, and affordably. 

Kajabi is REALLY highly focused on digital course creators. 

They are top of the line if you already have an established business, a higher budget and you want really top notch tools for your DIGITAL COURSES. 

That's it, in a nutshell. 

Are You Selling Digital Courses?

If you're selling Digital Courses, Kajabi is one of the best in the marketplace. 

If you're selling anything else, Builderall is a great alternative. 

So if for example, you are selling something in e-commerce like physical products or if you're doing dropshipping...Kajabi is not a great match for you. 

I'm sure you COULD technically sell anything on Kajabi since it does have a checkout platform and you can build any landing pages, but that's not really what it's built for. 

But builderall does allow you to sell anything through their e-commerce platform or their sales funnels. 

Likewise, if you're selling a digital course, Builderally DOES have the capability to sell and host your digital training courses...

But Kajabi will do it MUCH better because that is their focus and specialty. 

Builderall does a fine job with it, especially if you're just getting started out. 

However, if you're really serious about your digital courses, you should go with Kajabi or I would even recommend checking out Clickfunnels, which I use to sell and host most of my digital courses. 

What's Your Budget? 

The next biggest question much do you want to pay per month? 

One of Builderall's strongest selling points is the price. 

When you're just starting out in business, you don't have a big budget for lots of fancy tools. 

It can be helpful to have a low price option like Builderall, which starts as low as $19/mo to get up and running.

And it can scale with you. 

Kajabi's plans start at $149/mo

So I would only recommend you use kajabi if you already have an established sales funnel process, you know your course already sells, and you just want to move it over to hosted teaching platform (Kajabi) to simplify, streamline and make sure the system can handle any load. 


In summary, in my opinion:

If you're just starting out and don't know how you're going to sell your products yet, I think you should give Builderall a shot. 

Start your free trial here.

It starts out at a very reasonable price, and can grow with you. 

If your business is built mostly around 1 or 2 digital training courses and simple sales funnels...

You already know your product, it's already selling, it's a digital training course, cost or price isn't really your biggest concern...

And you just want to move to a very robust, secure, and top of the line hosting platform...

Then go with Kajabi

For a full comparison between the features and benefits of both Builderall and Kajabi, check out the resources below: 

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Kajabi Features, Pricing & Benefits

Disclosure: I am a builderall affiliate, I am not an employee and most of the links in this article are affiliate links, I will receive a commission if you decide to sign up for the recommended products or services, which I highly appreciate!

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