Builderall Magic Funnel | Use This Trick To Get More Leads

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Have you heard of the Builderall Magic Funnel? 

If you're a Builderall Business affiliate, this is a very handy technique to help you get more leads in your affiliate back office. 

How does it work? 

Basically, a magic funnel allows you to build your own custom funnel for creating Free Builderall accounts (under your affiliate link)...

"Magically" in the background, it also creates a brand new free 7 day trial builderall account for them under YOUR affiliate link!

So this is a super easy way to get more leads and affiliates sales for promoting Builderall. 

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So how does it work? 

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How The Magic Funnel Works

Step 1: You Collect A Lead Like Normal

builderall magic funnel optin form

You can set up a normal optin form through the builderall cheetah or pixel perfect builder

Step 2: The User Automatically Starts a Free Trial To Builderall (Under Your Affiliate Account)

builderall magic funnel lead generation

After they opt in, the "magic funnel" will automatically create a free trial of builderall for them using their email address under your affiliate account

How To Set Up A Magic Funnel

To get started building your own magic funnel, you can watch the video training below or follow the steps on this page. 

If you're using Builderall now, I recommend you learn about and switch over to the Cheetah builder because it's super fast, very easy to use, mobile responsive and more...and is generally much easier to understand. 

You can watch the first video to get a quick 10 minute overview of how the magic funnel concepts works, even though it's using the older pixel perfect builder. 

The 2nd video is a longer tutorial, but shows you how to adapt the strategy to the cheetah builder. 

First Video: The Magic Funnel Overview

Second Video: Magic Funnel With Cheetah Builder

Note: The actual demonstration starts at 4:00

Magic Funnel Step By Step Instructions

Step 1: Create a Lead Generation Funnel

builderall magic funnel optin form

The first step is to create a normal 2 step funnel with an optin form on a landing page to collect someone's name and email address. 

Like I mentioned above, you can still use the pixel perfect builder, but I recommend the Cheetah Builder. 

To complete the optin process, you need 2 pages: 

1) The Landing page with the optin form

2) A Thank you page

Step 2: Set Up The Contact Form

To make the magic funnel work, you nee to make sure to collect the following things on your contact form: 

1) First Name
2) Last Name
3) Email
4) Password

To do that, you need to right-click on the contact form

Click on the "set fields" (gear) icon

Open The "Set Fields" Box

builderall magic funnel contact info

You'll need to edit the "set fields" option on your contact form

Click the "Add Field" Plus Sign

builderall magic funnel add field button

Add 2 Fields: "Last Name" and "Password"

The next step is to make sure that your contact form asks for the 4 required fields: First Name, Last Name, Email, and Password. 

By default, the form will probably just ask for first name and email. 

So, you'll need to add 2 fields: Last Name, and Password.

Make sure to select "Text" as the field type 

builderall magic funnel add fields

Add 2 text fields - "Last Name" and "Password"

Add The Special "Magic Funnel" Tags

The next step is to make sure that the data from these fields is properly understood by Builderall and connected to the "magic" funnel functionality. 

So, you need to map the text fields to very specific "tags". 

Note: To make the magic funnel work with Cheetah builder, you need to make sure that the tags are EXACTLY correct.

Field Name

Magic Funnel Tag

First Name


Last Name






builderall magic funnel tag setup

Properly Configued FIelds and Tags for the magic funnel

Click "Save" to save your form for this step

builderall magic funnel save button

Add the "Action" To Your Form To Create "Magic" Builderall Trial Accounts

Next, you need to add the right "action url" to the form for after your lead submits their information, 

To tell Builderall to create an account using their info. 

To do that, 

Click the "action" Tab at the top of the form editor box

1) Set the "action url" to:

You must use that EXACT text (feel free to copy and paste from here)

2) set the "Redirect URL After Submit" field 

to whatever page you'd like the lead to go to AFTER they click submit and their free trial account is "Magically" created. 

A good option for this is to send them to the buildreall office:

But you could also choose to send them to a custom thank you page, or to the builderall home page, or any other page of your choosing. 

builderall magic funnel add action url

How to add the "Magic" Action URL

That's it! You now have set up a magic funnel in builderall 🙂

Now it's time to get more leads and traffic 🙂


If you're looking for a creative way to get more leads into your builderall affiliate account, the magic funnel can be a great way to do it. 

It allows you the full customizable ability to create your own funnels that sign people up for Builderall automatically. 

Your own creativity is the only limit!

Disclosure: I am a builderall affiliate, I am not an employee and most of the links in this article are affiliate links, I will receive a commission if you decide to sign up for the recommended products or services, which I highly appreciate!

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