Builderall – Is It Legit? | My Honest Opinion

Here's the deal: 

1) Full Disclosure: I am a Builderall affiliate, and links on this page are affiliate links. 

So take my honest review with a grain of salt. You may make your own conclusions. 

However, I am going to give you my honest opinion after being a customer and affiliate of Builderall for almost 2 years now. 

I have been in the digital marketing space for almost 10 years, and have used almost every tool, software, and service you could think of. 

As far as saying if Builderall is LEGIT - I am talking about its use as a marketing platform and tools. 

I am not really going to speak to their business model. As far as I can tell, it's legit. It's been confusing as they have changed their monetization strategies and compensation plans several times since I've been an affiliate...which I've found very frustrating. 

However, as far as I know the company is legit and I am strictly evaluating the usefulness of the product itself. 

Quick Summary: What Do I Think?

Builderall and I have had a tenuous relationship. 

I have gone back and forth on the product. 

At first, I thought it sounded amazing. All these tools for one price? Amazing affiliate program? Crazy low price? 

Heck yeah!

But then...I hit the dreaded Builderall "Learning Curve". 

I was used to tools that are so intuitive that even a newbie can understand it within a few lessons or training videos. 

With Builderall, I found the learning curve to be MUCH harder. And like I said, I've used just about every tool there is. 

So if I can't figure it has to be pretty confusing. 

BUT if you can get past that, it has a lot to offer. And I do believe that it is only a couple good training videos away from learning how to use its vast array of tools in your business as a "one stop shop" for everything you need to run a business online. 

Builderall Pros and Cons

My opinion, after using for 2 years

(But not heavily, I use other marketing tools in my business too)


  • Really Fast, Beautiful Landing Pages
  • Very Fast Loading Speed
  • Very Affordable Pricing
  • AMAZING Affiliate Program
  • Email Marketing Platform Included - Great For Beginners
  • Bonus Tools Can Be Very Handy (Mockup Studio, For Example)


  • Training is somewhat weak. 3rd party community training is necessary
  • A strong "Learning Curve"
  • Many Tools Not Really Useful/Necessary
  • Confusing Interfaces
  • Confusing Pricing Changes Have Happened Several Times


If you're just getting started, Builderall can be a dream. Its very affordable pricing and all-in-one nature make it nice to start an online business from soup to nuts for a low monthly price without learning any coding. 


Click here to get started for free

If your business is doing a lot of business, you may look at this product instead. 

What Is Builderall?

Builderall is many things...

(Which is both a blessing, and a curse). 

It's a marketing platform with dozens of tools. 

builderall tools

Some of the most useful tools included (in my opinion) are...

- Landing page builder

I actually think this is builderall's greatest strength.

Legitimately, especially using the new Cheetah Builder in your Builderall account...

You can easily create a very nice looking landing page or optin page in SECONDS using dozens of built in professionally designed templates. 

builderall optin template

This optin page took about 10 seconds to build

I really do think you can get a great looking landing page or optin page up and running within a few minutes at most with Builderall. 

- Email Marketing Platform (I haven't really put this to the test for deliverability, etc. but it's cool that they offer it as part of the platform). 
- Website Builder (much like Clickfunnels, I wouldn't use Builderall to build a serious SEO based blog. But for landing pages and optin pages, it's great. 

builderall free trial
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