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Looking for ways to grow your downline and earn more referrals in your favorite MLM or Network Marketing Opportunity? 

If so, Builderall and the right marketing strategy may be the perfect solution for you. 

(By the way, if you haven't signed up for Builderall yet, you can try it for 14 days free here)

In this article, I'm going to show you how you can get make more sales with your MLM business using the Builderall Platform. 

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The Secret To Growing Your MLM Business With Builderall

In this amazing video from Russel Brunson, he explains that the biggest problems most people make...

And the biggest opportunity you're probably missing out on when it comes to growing your business...

Here's the Summary: 

1) Sell an OFFER instead of a Product
2) Make sure to build your own List - your greatest asset
3) Use Sales Funnels

The best ways to do all of this is to use optin pages, leanding pages and sales funnels. 

Luckily, all 3 of those can be built super fast and easy using the 30+ built in sales funnel and landing page templates in your Free Builderall Account. 

Problem #1: Trying to sell a PRODUCT instead of an OFFER.

If your company allows you to do this, you should not be trying to sell the exact same products as everyone else. 

Instead, you can think of how to make your product BETTER. 

Create a special bonus package just for people who sign up with you. 

The best way to show off your bonuses and your unique offer is to use the Builderall Cheetah Builder and pre-made design templates to whip up a beautiful 

Problem #2: Not Building A List - An ASSET That YOU Control

The Next problem that most people make when trying to raise in the ranks of an MLM is to send all of their leads directly to the company, instead of building their own list. 

This builds a vulnerability for you and yoru business. 

If anything ever happens, then all the hard work you put into building your business could go away in the blink of an eye. 

Instead, you should build your own list so that you can build and maintain a RELATIONSHIP with your leads and show them why you and your opportunity or product are going to improve their lives. 

If you want more tips on how to do this successfully, I highly recommend you check out this book

Luckily...With Builderall, building an email list is very simple. 

- Create an optin page using dozens of beautiful pre-made templates. 

This process takes about 10 seconds in the Builderall Cheetah Builder. 

builderall optin template

An Example of one of the dozens of beautiful templates available inside builderall to collect email addresses and build your list

Next, create your email list inside Builderall. 

This list will be where you collect the emails of your leads, and will also send them emails to educate them on your product, congratulate them for joining your team, and more. 

Builderall includes a full email marketing platform. 

So you don't have to buy any additional tools. 

Try it out free here

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Most Builderall Plans include Mailingboss -  a full email marketing platform

Finally, follow up with your leads, build trust and a relationship. 

Inform them. Inspire them. Lead them. 

And yes, offer them an opportunity to improve their lives with your producT!

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Problem #3: Not Taking Advantage of FUNNELS

The final problem that Builderall can help you solve is to take full advantage of sales funnels to save you LOADS of time and effort by FULLY AUTOMATING your sales and marketing efforts. 

If you want to see how sales funnels work and how you can easily leverage them in your business to skyrocket your sales, check out this incredible free presentation. 

Builderall has full sales funnel capabilities...

- Build a lightning fast website
- Build email lists with beautiful optin page templates
- Sell more products by creating stunning landing pages for your offer
- Follow up with leads and automate the entire process with sales funnels & mailingboss

Try Builderall Free Today

From collecting your leads, to followup through your email list, all the way to selling your own unique products and offers. 

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