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Looking for email swipes to promote builderall as an affiliate? 

I've included 2 of my top emails that you can copy and paste to your own email list today. 

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Scroll below for copy and paste templates I've sent out to my list to promote Builderall. 

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Builderall Email Swipe #1

This email swipe is for promoting Builderall as a marketing platform. 

One of the biggest reasons that people are interested in Builderall is because it's an affordable alternative to other marketing tools,

And it includes many services in one place (email marketing, chat bots, webinar software, and sales funnel and landing page building software, to include a few). 

It's good to emphasize the ease and simplicity of getting all these tools in one place. 

That's what this email tries to do. 

Subject: All In One Marketing Platform...(Saves Hundreds Per Month)

If you're building a business online,

You know you need the right tools for the job.
Some of those include...

- Website Builder
- Web Hosting
- Sales Funnel Builder
- Optin/Landing Page Builder
- Link Tracking Service
- Email Marketing Service
- Messenger Bot / Chat Bot Service
- Webinar Service
- The list goes on...

And hey,

You can go ahead and acquire all these tools separately...

(Each one will run at LEAST $20-30/month...often more like 2 or 3 times that)
OR you could check out this service, which puts ALL of them (and even more) in one place...

And for one low price.

Check out my summary of the service (and snag some sweet bonuses) here

PLUS I personally have NEVER paid for my subscription...

Because they offer such a ridiculously good affiliate program...

That ever since my first month, I've been able to pay for my subscription cost (and make a hefty profit beyond it) simply by referring just a couple people to use the platform themselves.

In my summary on this page, I explain the exact methods I used to get my first referrals (and how you can get access to the same information)
Watch the video here (20+ Marketing Tools In One)

If you have any questions about the platform, just reply back and let me know!

- Your Name

Swipe #2: Promote Builderall As An Affiliate Program

This is a simple email designed to get people to click on the link and go to the page describing the builderall affiliate program. 

Subject: This Bizarre Sound Put a Huge Smile On My Face...

"Cha Ching"...
I'll remember that cash register sound forever!

You may have heard about one of my favorite affiliate programs to promote...

It's pretty awesome (especially right now), because:

- The product essentially sells itself (its benefits are obvious)
- It has recurring revenue (aka passive)
- They've recently done a HUGE re-launch (That means there's about to be a huge search in traffic volume for all the related keywords)

Click here to learn more about it (and sign up under me to lock in pricing and claim my exclusive bonuses)

What was the deal with that "Cha Ching" cash register sound?


I remember it wast last year about this time when they did their first big launch that I got my FIRST commission from promoting it...

I was about to give up because I had promoted it to my email list and nobody signed up...

And I Really, REALLY wanted to get a conversion (because I knew that each person who signed up generates passive recurring revenue for as long as they enjoy staying on the platform...and you can build an entire business with it, so it's very likely they would)...

And then, they did this big launch (like the one they're doing in 2 days)...

And it was like turning on some magic switch...
Because my first sale came through...
I remember refreshing my affiliate dashboard...
and then it happened...

"Cha Ching!"
(yes, it plays a sound every time you make a new affiliate sale)

Then my 2nd...
And I think I ended up making 4 sales that day...
Not only getting 100% day 1 commissions...

But more recurring revenue in the following few months (Without ever having to sell to those customers again).

That was a big day for me, the first time I earned recurring revenue from affiliate marketing...

(and the first time I heard that cool cash register sound)

If you want to ​have the same experience I did and hear your own "cha ching" sound...

Go here to learn more about it

Talk soon,

Your Name

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