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One of Builderall's most popular tools included in their advanced plans are their 2 chatbots. 

Chatbot popularity in marketing has exploded over the past couple years, with good reason.

That's why it's so handy that Builderall customers have this part of the modern marketing landscape handled for them in their subscription

Builderall has 2 different chatbot tools:

1) The Facebook Chatbot Tool

The Professional Messenger Chatbot is a great tool for building marketing for your business through Facebook Messenger.

This tool is similar to popular chatbot softwares like Manychat

It allows you to set up autoresponders and lists based on who has engaged with your facebook pages. 

2) The Professional Website Bot

The professional website bot is a bit different than the facebook chatbot, because it's meant to be similar to tools sometimes called "AI Chatbots" or "Conversational Marketing" Chatbots like the popular service Drift

drift chatbot example

An example of a "Conversational Messaging" Chatbot with Drift

This style of chatbot is great for customer service on your business's website: 

  • Helping your customers find F.A.Q answers
  • Helping your customers find the right product or service for them
  • Getting feedback and answering questions automatically
  • Building brand by customizing your messaging and tone

Builderall's Two Chatbot Options

To choose whether you'd like to try the Manychat-style Facebook Chatbot inside builderall, or the Drift-style "Conversational" chatbot, you can find them both inside of your Builderall Office Dashboard. 

The "Professional Messenger Chatbot" is for Facebook

The "Professional Website Bot" is for your website

builderall chatbot - website and facebook

Builderall comes with 2 different chatbots - 1 for facebook, one for your website

Builderall Professional Website Bot Overview

To get a feel for the website chatbot or "Sitebot" check out this video to learn more how to get it set up and working on your website. 

You can set up a basic "flow" to do things like:

  • add tags to understand who your visitors are and how you can help them
  • Add website visitors to your mailingboss email marketing lists
  • Create SMS text messages to end out to leads prospects or customers

If you're looking for a great alternative to Drift or other automated Chatbots, definitely give the sitebot a try in your builderall account. 

If you haven't signed up for Builderall yet, get a free trial here

builderall sitebot demo

An example of what it looks like inside the Builderall sitebot

Builderall Facebook Chatbot Overview

Builderall's Facebook chatbot works in a similar fashion, but needs you to have a facebook account and a facebook fan page, and it runs entirely trough facebook, very similar to the popular Manychat app.

But it's included in your membership!

To get a really nice overview of the chatbot feature, check out this video

Where To Find The Chatbot Tool

To Try The Facebook Chatbot For Yourself:

If you haven't tried Builderall yet, sign up for a free trial here

If you already have Builderall, open up your "install tools menu...

And look for this logo - the "professional messenger chatbot" tool

Click the blue "Add" button on the right 🙂

facebook professional messenger bot

Builderall includes a full facebook chatbot as one of the many tools

What Is A Facebook Chatbot?

If you've been involved in marketing the past few years, you've probably heard about the popularity of the concept of "messenger bots" or "chatbots" for businesses operating online. 

But what are they?

Read more on the basics of how chatbots work here 

Essentially, a chatbot is a simple program that integrates with your business or website's facebook fan page, and offers a 2 way communication tool between you and your customers and fans. 

Disclosure: I am a builderall affiliate, I am not an employee and most of the links in this article are affiliate links, I will receive a commission if you decide to sign up for the recommended products or services, which I highly appreciate!

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