Best Keyword Research Tools (2019)

best keyword research tools of 2019

These are some of the best tools for finding profitable keywords, whether you’re doing SEO, PPC, Amazon or pretty much any other kind of marketing. Keyword research is key, and these tools make it much easier.

1. Keywords Everywhere

This amazing tool has kind of taken the marketing world by storm.

It conveniently places keyword volume data from Amazon, Youtube, Google, Bing, Etsy, Ebay, and more directly in your browser as you’re browsing the most frequented haunts for keyword-hunters.

Here’s a quick demo of how it works

Best of all, it’s totally free. It’s an extension for Google Chrome.

Download it here:

2. The Google Adwords Keyword Tool

The original, and still arguably the best of the best.

Google has access to more data on search than anyone, and they give us a peak into an acceptable amount of it.

Many people don’t know about the “hidden mode” of searching for a landing page and “reverse engineering” what keywords are relevant to that website, instead of just search for individual keyword ideas.

3. The Bing Ads Keyword Research Tool

The bing ads keyword tool is kind of like a mini version of the adwords tool.

Just as good at recognizing trends and patterns, just working with smaller numbers simply because Bing doesn’t have as many users as Adwords.

It’s especially relevant if you’re running paid traffic on the Bing Ads network though, as the numbers are closer to reality of what you’re going to pay to bid on them on Bing than those in the adwords tool.

4. Google Search Suggestion Tool

A lot of people don’t take advantage of this surprisingly simple, yet astonishingly effective keyword research tool.

And it’s totally free and right there in front of all of our noses.

Simply search for anything, and down at the bottom of the search results, google will serve up to you the MOST relevant “related” search terms to the one that you just searched.

Talk about a keyword gold mine!

Example of Searching for “Best Keyword Tool”

search query in google for best keyword tool

And further down on the page, below the search results, you can find these extremely relevant search queries:

related search suggestions google

5. Bing Search Suggestion Tool

As usual, bing is following in the footsteps of big brother google:

bing related search suggestions

6. Answer The Public

Answer the public is a brilliant tool that everyone who does any sort of marketing or content creation should know about and use immediately.

It does some magical things and brings up related search terms to any keyword and presents them in a pleasing visual way, which makes it very easy to understand.

Plus, it basically shows you a roadmap to totally dominating any niche or topic, because this is literally what people want to know about the topic.

My buddy Chad Bartlett has a great strategy of simply pairing answer the public with content creation in a method he calls “A to Z” where you basically create a youtube video or blog post about every single thing listed on answer the public for that keyword…and you will soon dominate the niche. 

The price for such an advanced, amazing, revolutionary research tool?

Totally free.

answer the public demo

7. Keyword Shitter

Hilarious name, and it pretty much does exactly what it says…you might just have to see it to understand.

It’s a great way to get tons and tons of keyword ideas in a matter of 30 seconds.

keyword shitter

8. Longtail Pro

Long Tail pro is a more advanced keyword tool beloved by SEOs for years.

It really specializes in guess what…finding long tail keywords!

Watch a longtail pro demo below:

They’ve been tracking keyword data and mining out the low competition, highly qualified long tail keywords for years.

Get Special Discount On Longtail Pro Here

Definitely still a valuable tool to have in your arsenal.

9. SemRush

Start A Free Trial of Semrush Here

Semrush is super advanced, used by many SEOs to run their entire business.

You probably won’t ever need ALL the bells and whistles but if you’re serious about keyword research, this tool is a monster.

10. Spyfu



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