Alex Becker – “College is a Disturbing Scam?”

Alex Becker finally weighs in on the College debate... is it a waste of time? Is it good or bad for entrepreneurs? Is it worth the money?

He's got some pretty strong opinions...

What do you think?

Check out his video on it below...

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I personally went to college and did get a lot of great experiences from it…mostly just connected with great friends, and “found myself” (somewhat).

However, I also think it trained me in the OPPOSITE skills and ideas than you need to be a great entrepreneur.

I personally think that it delayed my ability to ever succeed as an entrepreneur, and most of the young millionaires I know did not go to college.

Does that matter? Maybe not.

But I think that college trains you in a lot of anti-entrepreneur beliefs…

Sneaky Ways College Prepares You To FAIL As An Entrepreneur

  1. Everything needs to be perfect (you are graded on this)

This one is real sneaky.

See, in college you are graded on PERFECTION. Even in “soft” disciplines like history, literature, social studies, etc. where the definition of “Perfection” is entirely created by the individual professor.

This is totally the OPPOSITE of how you need to think as an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, you MUST fail…REPEATEDLY

I have had a long and difficult road finally accepting this after being trained to pursue perfection for 5 years in college.

You must fail fast, fail often, and continue failing to succeed in business.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but totally necessary.

Perfection doesn’t exist.

Even “success” doesn’t really exist, because once you succeed, it’s just time to move on to the next challenge…time to fail again…time to learn again.

2. College Emphasizes “Theory” not “Application”

I can’t really speak for the science and math disciplines…maybe things are more objective there.

I personally studied History and German.

It’s pretty difficult to apply the skills of either of those areas in the real world.

Mostly, we learned to analyze.

To theorize.

To synthesize.

Perhaps useful in some areas of business, but largely a steaming pile of garbage when you’re out in the real world.

So many very smart (college educated) people fail in business because they spend all their time theorizing, analyzing, and synthesizing and collecting “information” and “knowledge” instead of practical experience.

The MOST important part of learning ANYTHING is the application phase.

When you go out in the real world, try out your best version of what you’ve learned…

And the universe RESPONDS.

It gives you FEEDBACK

Did it work?

Did it not work at all?

Did it kinda work?

How do you think you should adjust to make it work better next time?

THAT is where the gold is. Not in crafting the perfect theoretical situation where things MIGHT work.

3. College Teaches You To Always Prepare, Not To Get STARTED

The worst thing that college taught me is to keep preparing.

Again, you’re taught to pursue PERFECTION instead of FEEDBACK.

It’s the death of entrepreneurial success.

The almighty “Idea” is worshipped in college

Ideas are worthless. Execution is everything.

This is a hard lesson that had to be beaten into my head.

Why is execution king?

Because the idea could be good, or bad, but where the gold really comes is trying something…failing…adjusting…trying again…failing less…adjusting…trying again…and then BOOM you nail it.

You’ll never get there if you’re stuck “preparing”, waiting for the perfect “idea” or getting the perfect “PLAN” together.

Just get started.

The way your brain is wired is not to create perfect plans…

It is made to make calculations and adjust to the situation…

Take advantage of your natural wiring!

Just get started.

I definitely didn’t learn this from college. In fact, it was discouraged to jump in recklessly.

No, you’re supposed to keep studying, learning, planning, studying, planning, learning…

The first time I tried to create my own product, this led to me wasting an entire year getting further and further into research…

It was ridiculous.

I could have made an amazing product that could have changed peoples lives after my first week of research…

But instead I spent about a year going deeper and deeper…into more obscure and irrelevant supporting research.

Which is exactly what’s rewarded in college.

What do you think? Did I just have a bad belief system? Is college what you make it or is it a game rigged against you as an entrepreneur?

Was it just the disciplines I chose? Are other disciplines better aligned with entrepreneurial principles?

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