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5 Things You Need To Get Started With Bing Ads

Here are the tools and resources you need to get started and have success with bing ads. I realize that it’s intimidating to start out with paid traffic, and the truth is you don’t necessarily NEED all of these tools, but if you don’t have them you’re going to be “flying blind” a lot of the time and not really knowing what is working, and what isn’t.

And most likely, whatever you’re trying isn’t going to work.

Paid traffic is about testing, trying, failing, and testing again. So you need the right tools at your disposal to be able to test with the best possible chance of starting out profitable, and knowing exactly what needs to be tweaked or adjusted.

Adding each one of these to your toolkit easily multiplies your earning potential by 10x


1. Get $100 of Free Bing Ads Credit

Ok, so the first one isn’t a tool, but it’s a freebie and I just don’t know why you wouldn’t do this. This is kind of a no brainer, but you should start out by buying ads with “free money”. Whenever I start out a new Bing account, I always start with the $100 free Bing Ads Coupon. In fact, the real deal is you must first spend $25, then you get $100 free. But still, it’s a great deal!


Get $100 Free On Bing

2. Get A Domain

You’re going to need AT LEAST one domain. Even if you want to be sending affiliate traffic directly to affiliate offers, you really need to have landing pages so that you can have opt ins and bridge pages with higher conversion rates.

Getting a domain is simple, cheap, and takes 60 seconds…

I recommend hostgator for picking up a domain.

If you’re going to be promoting only 1 type of product or offer, you can choose a niche related domain (like www.bestwoodworkingtipsforcoolpeople.com) but if you plan on promoting lots of different offers, I recommend starting a generic sounding site like “www.betterlifetips.com” or something like that.

That way, whether you promote car insurance offers or paleo recipes, you can lump them all together under the same domain name.

Get A Domain From hostgator

3. (CRUCIAL) Get A Funnel Building Tool

If you’re going to be getting good at the paid traffic game, you absolutely need to learn how to create great opt in pages and landing pages. That’s 1/2 of the equation for converting paid traffic.

Whether you’re going to go the shorter term route of building bridge pages, or the longer term route of building an email list and doing email marketing…

You need to make sure that you’re able to create lots of beautiful looking and high converting landing pages, opt ins, and funnels.

There are really 2 players in the game to consider, and I use and recommend both.

Funnel Tool #1: Clickfunnels


Clickfunnels is the biggest name in the funnel game. They kind of invented it, actually. Russel Brunson created clickfunnels because he was tired of how long and annoying the steps were to creating sales funnels, and he knew that sales funnels were absolutely necessary for success in online marketing.

So, he built a software that creates amazing landing pages and entire sales funnels in seconds…

Clickfunnels is amazing, and you can get a free 14-day free trial here…

However, clickfunnels pricing can be an issue, especially if you’re just starting out…

Their starter plan is $97/month after your free trial is over…and their standard plan is $297/month!

That can be quite difficult to stomach on a bootstrap budget, so for most people I recommend…

Start Your Clickfunnels 14 Day Free Trial

Funnel Tool #2: Builderall (Recommended)

builderall free trial

Builderall has almost all the same capabilities as clickfunnels, but comes in a whopping $29/month. 

And that’s for ALL of their features enabled!

It’s a pretty amazing deal.


Builderall allows you to create an infinite amount of sales funnels, opt ins, webinar pages, memberships, and even iphone or android apps, and that’s all included in the basic membership.

The only thing that costs a bit extra ($49/month) is if you want to join Builderall Business and you can actually make a great income as an affiliate by promoting Builderall to other people. 

Start Your Builderall 7 Day Free Trial

4. An Email Marketing Service


Everyone knows that when it comes to online marketing and business, “the money is in the list”.

You hear that all the time, because it’s true.

If you have an email list, you have everything you need to make a solid income online. You can sell your own products or services, or sell more affiliate products when you have a decent sized list.

And if you’re promoting affiliate products, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of commissions if you’re not collecting e-mail addresses and following up with them.

So to start doing that, you’re going to need an email marketing platform.

There are tons of them, but I recommend one for most people, especially affiliates and especially for starting out:

Getresponse (Recommended)

Getresponse has served me very well over the past couple years.

It’s very easy to get started, I absolutely love their visual autoresponder system, and they are friendly to affiliates.

What do I mean by that?

Well, for example…mailchimp is free to start out with, BUT if you plan on doing ANY affiliate marketing whatsoever, DO NOT USE MAILCHIMP, they literally say flat out that they are “not the platform for you” and I have actually had my account suspended for even putting 1 single affiliate link in an email.

Here’s a link to their policy on affiliates

So don’t use mailchimp. Get getresponse instead!

It’s awesome, and you can get a free trial, then it’s just $15/month to get started

Start Your Free Trial Of Getresponse


5. A Tracking Service

The BIG secret that the people who have been successful with Bing ads have over all of the thousands and thousands of people who have TRIED and given up after their first couple attempts…

Is one word: Tracking

Tracking is the difference between a winning campaign and a losing campaign.

It’s the difference between profit and loss.

And you need to make sure that it’s 100% precise, and that you can track every little piece of data that you’re sending from your bing ads.

Now, if you own your own product, service, or business, then you can accomplish this by setting up the bing ads universal event code (UET) and you can nicely track all conversions to the exact ad, landing page and keyword that triggered the sale.

So if you only plan on selling your own products, then you can simply use Bing’s advanced tracking tools to know exactly where to spend more or less money.

However, for all you affiliate marketers out there…

It can be a LOT tricker to track things accurately, because you don’t control anything that happens after you send the click…the affiliate does. You basically need another solution in between bing ads and your affiliate offer to be able to track everything and tell you exactly how to make your campaigns profitable.

The best solution for beginners and advanced bing ads affiliates alike?


I love clickmagick. It’s truly insanely awesome software, and it’s offered at a ridiculously small monthly cost. It has the most advanced tracking features…

  • keyword level conversion tracking
  • funnel revenue tracking
  • precise click tracking
  • geo information from your clicks (exact ip address and location)
  • landing page rotators and split testing
  • retargeting pixels you can place on any page after the click
  • countdown timers you can put on any affiliate offer
  • way more than I can mention

If you have clickmagick, you can track down to the penny how much you make per ad and per keyword, and if you don’t have clickmagick, you will just be guessing and you’ll never know if you were just 1 or 2 tweaks away from making an immensely profitable campaign.

If you’re running ads on Bing, I highly highly recommend you pick up clickmagick

clickmagick review

Start Your Free 14 Day Trial
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