3 Fastest Ways To Make Money With Bing Ads (2019)

Bing Ads is an amazing way to start making money online in 2019.

There are probably hundreds of ways to use this powerful marketing tool to profit, but these are the top 3, especially if you’re just starting out.

Have you ever thought about how you could take advantage of this powerful traffic source?

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Maybe you’ve thought of or tried one of these methods…but take a look at the list and see if there’s a new way you could make money with Bing Ads!

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1. Affiliate Marketing With Bing Ads

Bing Ads has become one of the most popular methods for getting traffic to affiliate offers in the past few years.


  • Bing Ads will accept just about any affiliate offer (as opposed to Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, which notoriously will BAN your account if you approach affiliate marketing the wrong way).
  • Bing Ads is very easy to get started with
  • Bing Ads has high quality traffic for (relatively) cheap clicks

Here are the top few ways that people are making money with Bing Ads and Affiliate Marketing:

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing With Bing Ads

Why is Bing Ads great for promoting Clickbank Products?

Bing Ads is a perfect pair with Clickbank for the reasons mentioned above.

In fact, from all of the thousands of people that have watched my youtube videos about Bing Ads, the #1 way that people are hoping to make money with bing is to promote Clickbank products.

Most of this is probably because Clickbank is the most popular and well-known affiliate marketing platform.

Plus, most of the products are informational products, which are a perfect fit for PPC marketing, especially search based ppc marketing.


Because people go to search engines (google, bing) to SOLVE A PROBLEM.

They search for things like “how to lose weight in 7 days” or “how to grow a tomoto garden” which are perfectly solved by products from Clickbank.

What Are The Challenges Of Promoting Clickbank Offers On Bing?

  1. This is what MOST people start out with as their idea of how to get rich doing affiliate marketing.That means lots of people completing over the same keywords, products, niches, and ideas.
  2. Some Clickbank products don’t allow you to compete with them on PPC.You need to read the terms for each and every clickbank product to make sure that they allow PPC bidding.Most Do, but you don’t want to make a mistake because they can revoke all of your commissions (which you will have paid money to get since you’re doing paid traffic) OR they could even get your clickbank account banned
  3. Some niches aren’t very strong on Bing (low search volume) , or are hyper competitive (like weight loss)Learn how to do proper keyword research to make sure that the niche or product is viable on bing
  4. You can’t track clickbank sales in Bing Ads to optimize your campaign. (This is easily solved by my favorite tracking tool, however)

So How Can You Get Started Promoting Clickbank Products With Bing?

If you want to get started, there are 3 main options:

Option 1: Direct Linking

Direct linking is where you just send your ad directly to the sales page for the product.

This is usually where people want to begin, because it has the fewest moving parts.

It’s easy to wrap your head around.

It is not, however, always the most profitable method of promotion.

Most of the wealthiest affiliates that do paid traffic send first to a Landing Page or an Optin Page before sending directly to the sales page.

Despite that, plenty of people have made a fortune doing it.

And it continues to be what people want to start with, so if that includes you, then here’s how you get started with Direct Linking:

Note: To make the direct linking method work, you need a click tracking solution. I highly recommend Clickmagick

Click here to get a free 14 day trial of Clickmagick

Keys To Making Direct Linking Work:

  • Get a good tracking solution
  • Get really good at keyword research
  • Choose a product that has a high chance of day 1 sales – not something that people will “think about” before purchasing
  • Alternatively – write ads to exclude anyone except the people at the bottom of the buying funnel – example – “Buy this product for $47” – this will exclude anyone except only the people that are most willing to buy a product TODAY
  • Target exact match and phrase match keywords that have high buying intent from day 1

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Option 2: Landing Page

Building landing pages to “Pre Sell” people to the product you are promoting is what the real super affiliates are masters at.

To do this, you must basically take someone from any stage in the AIDA funnel, and try to get them “warmed up” to be ready for the sales page.

If the sales page is really, really good…it will do a lot of this work for you.

However, in most cases creating a landing page will convert better than direct linking IF you are able to adequately “pre-sell” your prospects before they get to the sales page.

Plus, some clickbank products REQUIRE that you send to your own landing page first.

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So how do you create a good pre-sell landing page?

Well first, you need a landing page builder.

I recommend either Builderall (if you’re on a budget) or Clickfunnels.

Both will allow you to make really beautiful, highly optimized landing pages in about 30 seconds.

Building the page is easy.

What do you put on the page?

Well, you have to think…

Where is this person coming from….

And Where do you want them to go?

Your landing page is a “bridge” between those two things. That’s why it’s often referred to as a “Bridge Page”

So how do you build the bridge between these two places?

  1. Your Headline
  2. An Image or Video
  3. A Call To Action Button
  4. A Reassurance of Proof (Take Away Objections)

1. Create a headline that promises a solution to the problem, or delivers the “dream” of the person who’s looking for this product.

You can usually pull this headline from somewhere on the sales page.

The clickbank vendor has probably done LOTS of research before building this product (especially if it’s making lots of sales).

They know exactly what the person who clicks on your ad and lands on this page is looking for.

AND they know what they DON’T want.

You should pull out the best of both of those, and put them on your landing page.

Example: “Lose Weight In Just 7 Days WITHOUT Sacrificing Your Favorite Foods”

If this headline is on the sales page, then you should try including it somewhere on your landing page as well because that is the core desire of the person who would be interested in buying this product.

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2. Add an image or video from the promotional materials of the clickbank product

Images and videos are pretty much required these days to engage internet users.

Simply having text will be pretty hard for people to “get” what your page is about when they land.

Add a compelling image or a video offered for affiliates to your landing page to boost conversions!

3. Add a Call To Action Button

You want to add a call to action to “learn more” or “watch video” or “read more” under the image or video.

You can easily add nice, easy to read and easy to understand buttons with Clickfunnels or Builderall.

This will make it simple and easy for the people who land on your page to understand what they should do next – which is to go to the sales page and learn more about the solution to their product.

Make the button big, obvious, and compelling.

4. A Reassurance of Proof (remove objections

Lastly, you want to remove the doubts that someone on your landing page who just clicked on an ad from the internet would have…

Time – how long will this solution take?

Reassure them that it is simple – 1 simple trick to learn, 1 single 10 minute video, or 3 easy recipes…

Tell them how little time it will take…

Effort – how hard will this be?

Assure them of How ridiculously simple it will be to try…

Proof – does it actually work?

Show testimonials from the sales page that show that real people have tried this solution and it has worked…

Option 3 – Opt In Page

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The 3rd option is to create an opt in page, to build a list.

Many people say “the money is in the list”.

I personally think that the money is SOMETIMES in the list when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Some products lend themselves well to an e-mail list.

For example, if someone is interested in one muscle building e-book, training course, or supplement…

Chances are VERY good that they will be obsessed with gaining muscle for many weeks, months, and even years to come.

I learned this from working in the Men’s Dating Advice industry for several years.

When a guy is interested in learning how to improve their skills with talking to women…

They often become OBSESSED.

They will literally buy every single product, open every email, and watch every video that relates to improving their chances with women…

For about 6 months…to a year…

So dating advice is a great fit for building a list.

However, some clickbank products are based on solving one specific problem.

For example, if someone is trying to find a remedy for something like warts, moles, or skin tags…

They are not necessarily a “mole” person…

They simply want a solution right now to their problem.

SO if you put an opt-in before giving them their solution, they are less likely to pursue it.

So you may be better off doing a pre-sell landing page, or sending directly to the offer.

What are a good fit for opt in pages and building a list?

Basically any niche that would lend itself well to continuous advice…at least for a period of time in that person’s life…

Good Niches For Building A List – Passion Niches In Need of Continuous Advice:

  • Muscle Gain (Continuous Improvement Necessary)
  • Dating Advice
  • Hobbies (Woodworking, Hunting, Basketball)
  • Make Money
  • Lifestyles (Paleo/Keto Diet, New Age, Survival)
  • Parenting

Not-So-Great Niches For List Building (One Time Problems)

  • Specific Pain (High Blood Pressure, Back Pain, Weight Loss)

Obviously this all depends on your knowledge of the target demographic, and your own creativity.

It is entirely possible to get someone who is only intrestested in losing a few pounds and turning them INTO a great lifetime customer by hitting the right buttons and building the right relationship…

But most affiliates are looking to the fastest path to money, and with that in mind certain niches are much better for getting faster sales from building a list.

If you want to know how to build an opt in page that gets amazing opt in rates (usually 50-80%) check out my opt in secrets training.

Here are the main points to hit on an opt in page:

  • Headline – make it an irresistible offer to this niche – focus on just ONE thing you’re delivering
  • Sub Headline – remove an objection (will only take 5 mins, easy to understand, etc)
  • BIG button – make it obvious
  • Social proof / Testimonials if possible

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2. Make Money Selling PPC Services

One of the fastest, simplest ways to get started making money online is to learn a single marketable skill, then start selling that service to businesses.

For some people, this is an instant “light bulb” moment – especially if you have been working in the services world for a long time, and you already have a rolodex of local business clients or potential clients in mind.

It’s never hard to sell a business that already has money on making more money, and there is no faster, more effective way to do that for most businesses than adding paid traffic.

If you learn how to master paid traffic (which can be done in a few days with the right training) you can instantly go into any business and offer your Paid Traffic skills (which most business owners have NO IDEA how to do on their own) and start making anywhere from $500-$5,000 per month as a PPC consultant.

The trick to selling your services?

Getting them to take the first plunge of paying for traffic.

Depending on your relationship with the business, it could require more or less convincing.

One very effective method for getting local business clients is to “get your foot in the door” with something that you can offer for Free, that will immediately impact their sales.

If you make them more money, they will want to continue working with you.

The problem with getting a business to try paid traffic is, they have to pay for it. And they typically don’t like that.

So you could either go out on a limb and put your own money into the ads to show them the possibilities…

Or you could offer them something that doesn’t cost you any money, and just a few minutes of your time…but will almost definitely improve their sales, leads, and appointments from day 1…

A great example is a sales funnel.

Most businesses have terrible websites that are not optimized for conversions at all. And they DEFINITELY haven’t ever heard of a sales funnel.

So you can walk in, offer them to try this free “website optimized for sales” and see if it gets them more customers…

Then, when they see the effectiveness of your magical funnel, they will want to continue using it…

Which you can “rent” to them for anywhere from $500-$3,000 per month (Depending on how much additional revenue this funnel brings in, it could even be worth more)…

THEN you can say “how about we supercharge this and add some paid traffic?

“Give me a budget of X and I can get you new customers to your website or new phone calls to your business in a couple of hours”…

Then you can add your Bing, Google, or Facebook PPC skills as an upsell and earn yourself a client that will pay $1,000-$5,000 per month (or more)!

I made a video outlining this process using Bing Ads and Builderall:

Join The Builderall Mastermind

This is a great method for “getting your foot in the door”

You could also do the exact same thing using Clickfunnels

However, if you already have experience in the services or B2B world, then you should easily be able to secure a consulting gig or a job as a PPC manager.

Bing is an amazing place to start and get practice with the skillset that is easily worth tens of thousands per month to the right business.

Obviously Google Adwords is going to be well worth learning as well. For that, I recommend Learning Anything from Brad Geddes

But if you master Bing Ads, you will definitely be good enough with Google Adwords PPC to be able to go out and help any business.

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3. Make More Money With Your Existing Business With Bing Ads

Already have a running business? A product? A Funnel?

Adding Bing Ads as part of your traffic and advertising strategy can be an instant no-brainer win.

What kind of win am I talking about?

You can literally start getting brand new customers that you would not have been able to reach on any other advertising channel…

Ready, willing, and able to sign up, call your business, opt in to your list, or buy your product.

Even if you already have a successful Adwords campaign…

Adding Bing Ads campaigns that are basically a duplicate of your adwords PPC campaigns…

Can Literally Double Your Business!

Brand new, totally untapped customers are just waiting for you on bing.

If you sell a digital or physical product, or you have an e-commerce store, Bing can be one of the easiest, fastest to learn, and profitable on day 1 traffic sources out there.


Because by it’s nature of being a search engine, Bing brings you high quality leads and customers who are literally searching for answers to their problems…

And your business or product can be the solution they are seeking.

It’s also not very competitive…Bing is still something of a “secret” in digital marketing.

Not many businesses know about it, and many more know of it, but don’t think it’s worth their time to invest in.

If you’re the only business in your category (even if it’s very competitive) you can instantly gain an edge and reach customers for far cheaper and more effectively than your competition.

(Just don’t tell them about it)

If you have a local business, you can even set up Pay-Per-Call campaigns on Bing ads, where you can have potential customers literally have a button pop up on their ad, which allows them to call you from their mobile phone.

Plus, you can limit the ad to only run to people who are in your local area.

This will create a very effective ad that will bring amazing results for relatively low investment.

There you have it…the top 3 ways to make money with Bing Ads in 2018

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